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On the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Jenny and Sumit were excited for a family visit.

This time, it’s not Sumit’s toxic family. Instead, Jenny’s daughter and daughter-in-law were coming to visit.

Jenny has been looking forward to this reunion for two years.

But when Christina speaks up for her mom, Sumit wishes that she would stay out of it. After everything that his family has said and done … dude.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh’s segment of Season 7, Episode 12 opened in a doctor’s office.

Jenny had undertaken a fall while standing on something. Sumit had rushed home and taken her to urgent care.

Fortunately, Jenny did not seem to suffer any broken bones. But she was still in pain, which likely meant a torn ligament. That can happen at any age. For Jenny, in her sixties, healing could take a while.

Sumit has a fear of needles. He has passed out before — once from giving blood, twice while undergoing blood tests.

It is a little goofy to listen to him make Jenny’s injury and treatment all about him.

Obviously, Sumit doesn’t mean any harm. But it’s kind of funny to watch. At least he didn’t pass out, right?

On to better things! With her arm healing and in a sling, she and Sumit went shopping for rings.

Jenny’s daughter, Christina, will be arriving with her wife, Jen. So Jenny wants to get Christina a gold ring.

She was particularly delighted that Indian jewelry tends to be 22 karat gold rather than a lower level of gold in the alloy.

While karat value can sometimes be a “less is more” matter, Jenny isn’t wrong to be happy. Especially when the ring that she selects is only a little over $100.

But Sumit explains to the camera that Jenny’s interest also aligns with Indian culture and values.

Simply put, he told viewers, “it’s good to wear gold.”

Christina and Jen arrived, safe and sound. Jenny felt overjoyed, and embraced her daughter.

She also hugged Jen, and Sumit hugged both of them, but Jenny was very emotional.

That makes sense. It had, after all, been about two years since she’d seen them in person.

Sumit made food, which Christina and Jen appreciate after their flight.

The four of them take a seat, where Jenny presents the gift to her daughter. Christina absolutely loves the ring.

Jen doesn’t speak much — or, if she did, editors didn’t leave much of it in. Hey, not everybody’s talkative on camera.

Then Sumit told his daughters-in-law about his family. They are even worse now that they know that he married Jenny.

Sumit has, of course, vowed to regain their love and approval. But that sounds a lot like prioritizing their wishes over Jenny.

Christina emphasizes that she would love to see Sumit put Jenny first over the people attacking their marriage.

But Sumit did not like hearing that. He insisted that Christina could not possibly understand his situation, and wished that she would butt out of it.

First of all, cultural nuance does not override everything. Sometimes right and wrong are what they are. That includes supporting your spouse. It also includes rejecting toxic people.

But also … after all of the interference (yelling, crying, screaming, and more) that Sumit’s family has done, how does Sumit have the gall to resent Christina’s take?