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Multiple couples reached some resolution 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7, Episode 12.

Usman, freshly engaged to Kimberly, went to meet a prospective teen bride. But the big news comes later.

Michael’s pleading worked, and Angela came to talk to him just once more. But she might make him regret it.

In New York, Bilal meets Shaeeda’s best friend. They do not hit it off.

Libby’s dad, Chuck, has an idea for how they can heal as a family. This time, it’s not a barbecue. Andrei is reluctant, but they’ll give it a try.

Jenny is so excited to see her daughter and her daughter-in-law, but an injury sends her to urgent care.

Yara meets Jovi’s old drinking buddy. She is not especially impressed, especially when Jovi invites him to join them in Germany.