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On the Thanksgiving weekend episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Kimberly shared devastating news.

Her beloved mother, Sally, had passed away. Kimberly had revealed this news to followers in January of this year.

She was coping with the loss. Her son, Jamal, shared that he felt impressed with Usman’s show of emotional support.

Then, Usman blindsided Kimberly. Does she feel up to raising a new child?

Kimberly Menzies returned home from Nigeria an engaged woman.

Twice-engaged, really — she and Usman “Sojaboy” Umar both proposed to each other.

Just a few weeks after her arrival in San Diego, however, Sally became very ill. She passed away.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers are familiar with Sally.

She is Kimberly’s mother and Jamal’s grandmother. She has appeared on two seasons within this franchise.

Obviously, her death hit the family hard.

Jamal admitted to the camera that his grandmother’s passing also helped him to see Usman in a new light.

He proved to be a great comfort to Kimberly, reaching out to her and cheering her up while showing emotional support.

To Jamal, that was very important. He can see a little more of what his mother sees in the alleged “superstar” rapper.

Kimberly also chose to channel this family tragedy into a bit of a wakeup call.

She made a point to exercise more. She shared with the camera that she is quitting smoking.

Kimberly hopes to be around for a long, long time. And, of course, she wanted to “keep up” with her much younger fiance.

Kimberly spoke to Usman via video chat.

They exchanged plenty of affection, as always. But there was more.

Usman had a very, very awkward question to spring on Kimberly. And he wasn’t sure of how she might react.

“I feel like maybe I’m going to adopt,” Usman finally told her. Wait, what?

Yes. Usman’s brother, Mohammed, has a son named Mahadi. He is Usman’s young nephew.

And while clearly we are all missing some context, Usman is considering adopting him.

No, this was not a joke.

Among other things, it would allow him to satisfy his mother’s mandate that he have a child.

And it would allow Usman to do so without having a second wife — something that he learned could make it impossible for him to receive a US visa.

But between Usman’s professional lifestyle and cultural expectations, Usman would not be the one raising him.

Kimberly naturally asked who would be responsible for actual childcare.

Usman asked Kimberly if she would like to raise this boy.

Obviously, Kimberly would have to give all of this some careful thought.

On the one hand, this means a viable way of marrying Usman without a second wife or visa troubles. But at the same time, it would mean becoming a parent. Again.

Kimberly already did every stage of parenting. Her son is an adult. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to try it again from the beginning.

Kimberly sat down with Jamal at an East African style restaurant in San Diego and suggested that he meet Usman.

She wanted him to join her on her next trip to Nigeria.

Jamal agreed. He will soon meet Usman … unless something goes wrong before then.