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One of the hardest things about getting older is watching young people say and do dumb things and being powerless to convince them of the foolishness of their actions.

For example, when someone in their early- to mid-twenties starts blathering on about how old and irrelevant someone in their late-twenties is, you want to calmly explain to them that they’re being cringe AF.

But you know that the only thing you can do is wait for the passage of time to make them aware of their brutal cringiness.

That might explain why Mackenzie McKee is remaining silent in the wake of some appallingly dumb criticism from Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler.

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(Note that we needed to tell you what show Kayla is on. That’s because literally no one watches Young and Pregnant.)

The trouble began when Kayla appeared on a recent episode of Teen Mom: Girls Night In.

Kayla and friends kicked things off by watching an old episode of Teen Mom OG that began with a Mackenzie scene.

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Young and Pregnant star Kayla Sessler is stirring the pot. (Photo via MTV)

“Of course, we’re gonna start with the boring one,” Kayla quipped.

To be fair, when you’re watching a show that’s about you watching a different show, we guess you have to do what you can to keep things interesting.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup first reported, Mackenzie caught wind of this insult and was quick to voice her displeasure.

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Mackenzie during her time on MTV. (Photo via MTV)

“Idk who or what ‘Young and Pregnant’ is. But apparently they be hatin’,” Mackenzie tweeted.

Kayla was quick to respond with what she no doubt thought to be a withering clap-back.

“Ma’am calling you ‘boring’ isn’t hatin’, at your age it should be a compliment,” she tweeted to Mackenzie. “At 30 I pray my storyline has calmed down and I get called boring.”

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Now, before we go any further, we should note that Mackenzie is only 28 (so yeah, not yet 30), and Kayla … is freakin’ 24!

In other words, these two are basically the same age, but for some reason, Kayla decided to double-down on her trash talk by calling Mackenzie old.

Predictably, her tweet wasn’t received well (although it was mostly ignored, because, again, no one watches Young and Pregnant).

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Kayla Sessler has launched a feud with Mackenzie McKee. Some people will do anything for attention. (Photo via Instagram)

“The words ‘at your age’ and 30 should not go in the same sentence,” one commenter replied.

“You’re more established at 30,” Kayla rather lamely replied.

The argument doesn’t make a lick of sense, as 1. Mackenzie is not 30, and 2. when calling her boring, Kayla was presumably comparing McKee to the other OG cast members, all of whom are roughly the same age.

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Mackenzie is many things, but she’s not boring! (Photo via MTV)

Also, it’s worth noting here that while Mackenzie was recently fired by MTV, her time as a Teen Mom was anything but boring.

In recent years, we’ve watched as Mackenzie got divorced, lost her mother to cancer, and continued to raise three children while running a business and maintaining a career as an influencer.

If anything, Mackenzie was let go by the network because she maintained her composure too well throughout these hardships, and didn’t lose her head, which would have made for more bankable television.

Kayla and the other newcomers to this dying franchise should aspire to be so boring.