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In recent years, Kate Gosselin has seemed pretty desperate.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, since she is such a notoriously horrible person. Or maybe not.

A new report sheds light on Kate’s current life and lifestyle, including her move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina.

The true purpose behind these changes, a new report says, is that her finances are struggling.

Kate Gosselin on ABC
Kate Gosselin is pictured here on ABC, from an interview from back in the day.

In Touch Weekly spoke to an inside source about Kate Gosselin’s interstate relocation from March of 2021.

“Kate had been living a relatively normal life in Pennsylvania,” the insider began.

The source shared that this was Kate’s life “for years after her reality show fame began to fizzle out.”

Kate Gosselin: A Photo
Kate Gosselin sits down here and chats it up with reporters about her new dating show, which no one should watch.

In many ways, Kate was just a mom. Not a good one, of course, but a mom nonetheless.

“The kids were in school,” the insider noted.

“And,” the source then explained, “they kept her busy.”

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“Finances were always an issue, though,” the insider divulged.

The source characterized that “Kate had been living way above her means for years.”

But wait, wasn’t she some sort of big-shot reality star? She’s a household name, after all.

Kate Plus Date Scene
Kate Gosselin talks here to the camera. It’s a scene from her dating show, Kate Plus Date.

“She had sporadic deals,” the insider said of Kate’s various gigs..

“It was not enough income to cover their way of life,” the source explained.

“Her bills were high,” the insider detailed, listing: “private school tuition, out-of-state college, a huge house and property.”

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How exciting for Kate Gosselin! She is now 44 years old and she’s celebrating in this picture.

Kate reportedly earned as much as $250,000 per episode during her time starring on TLC.

That kind of money really adds up. But as many people who have achieved television stardom have learned, that doesn’t mean that it lasts.

Current online estimates put Kate’s net worth at about $500,000. That’s a ballpark guess at best, but … she starred in way more than two episodes.

Kate Gosselin Losing Her S--t
Kate Gosselin is always one moment away from an epic meltdown, it feels like.

Kate has long claimed that she is extremely frugal, using “coupons” and eschewing “top brands.”

To hear her tell it, she all but martyred herself to ensure her children’s futures, including their college funds.

Of course, that money came from her children’s (at times involuntary) reality TV labor. Is it a sacrifice if the money wasn’t morally yours to begin with?

Kate Gosselin: I Don't Get Why People Hate Me!

Kate’s reported financial woes may illustrate that her lifestyle wasn’t as barebones as she wanted people to believe.

Now, she lives in Troutman, North Carolina.

The rural town sits a relatively short drive north of Charlotte. It doesn’t sound like the community is for everyone, but apparently it’s what Kate wanted.

Kate Gosselin Sux
Kate Gosselin is not the most popular celebrity. She may, in fact, be the least popular.

“The move just made sense,” the insider reasoned.

“And,” the source commented, “it’s a better way of life for her and the kids now.”

Troutman may be obscure (even in North Carolina), but it boasts a growing population of young professionals.

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It sounds like part of the appeal for Kate may not have been Troutman, specifically, but the state itself.

“The younger four will be in college this year,” the insider pointed out.

The source then added that “Kate didn’t need to keep their gigantic home in [Wernersville, Pennsylvania.]” 

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If you look at a map of US states and the largest employers in each one, you will find a sea of “Walmart.”

Not North Carolina, however. The state university system is the single largest employer — and that’s not counting private institutions, like Duke.

The promise of multiple options for her four 18-year-olds with affordable in-state tuition may have been too tempting to pass up.