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Amidst all of the crumbling marriages with Kody, one Sister Wives star seems happier than the others.

Tears aside, that would be Robyn Brown. The favorite wife.

But she doesn’t remember the timeline of Christine and Kody’s marriage quite like Christine seems to.

In fact, Robyn is straight-up accusing Christine of lying about how long she’s been unhappy. What?

On Sunday’s upcoming episode of Sister Wives, Robyn Brown and Christine Brown are seeing things very differently.

It all starts with an earnest family discussion.

“I cannot figure out why I am so angry,” Kody Brown announces to Christine.

“You’ve been in this place for a really long time,” Kody pointed out to Christine.

“And,” he continued, “I’m just gradually getting clued in.”

It is not uncommon for people to bottle up their anger and misery until they can no longer stand it. Sometimes, it’s a mistake. Other times, there’s no better alternative.

Christine Brown has a lot to think about. This is a photo from Season 2 of Sister Wives Season 17.

In the episode, which will air November 6, Kody confronts Christine about how long she has been wrestling with this.

He says that Madison — Janelle’s daughter — has let him know that Christine was considering this a long time before she told him.

“She told me, ‘Yeah, Christine has been thinking about leaving for a long time,’” Kody shared.

Kody Brown on a Sister Wives Episode
Kody Brown does not look happy in this photo, does he? Like… not one bit.

“When you hear things through the grapevine there’s a whole other conversation you don’t get,” Christine noted.

She then suggested: “You should maybe address the source.”

Meanwhile, she revealed to him that some of their children had been asking her: “Why are you staying? Why don’t you just leave?”

Christine Brown recalls the moment that she knew that her now 21-year-old daughter was not heterosexual while speaking to the confessional camera on Sister Wives. (Image Credit: TLC)

Obviously, Christine did not divulge which of their kids had asked.

“They saw how separate we’ve been in Flagstaff,” she noted instead.

Christine further explained: “They also saw that Kody and I have been struggling for a long time.”

“The kids were like, ‘It looked like in Vegas that you and dad weren’t very close anymore,'” Christine specified.

This is where one of her (erstwhile) sister-wives raised an objection.

Robyn tried to pull a Dakota Johnson, challenging Christine’s recollection of events. Actually, she straight-up called her a liar.

Robyn Brown looks a little irritated in this confessional from Season 17 of the hit show Sister Wives.

“In Vegas? That’s a lie,” Robyn directly accused.

“I remember the conversations,” she insisted. “I remember what was going on.”

Robyn told Christine: “I remember you guys having fun dates and hearing about that and seeing your guys’ relationship.”

“So either you guys were faking it in front of me … I don’t know,” Robyn said.

Clearly, she seems to think that Kody and Christine were as thick as thieves — or, at least, spouses — back in Nevada.

It seems that, in her mind, Christine only grew dissatisfied after the move to Flagstaff.

“I don’t know exactly why she’s saying that I’m lying,” Christine’s reply remarks.

“Kody and did struggle in Vegas,” she tells the cameras.

“And,” she adds, “my kids did say it.”

“She’s sitting here saying everyone’s relationships were struggling in Las Vegas,” Robyn complains to the confessional.

“And we didn’t have what we had,” she then gripes.

“And that Kody and I were the only ones that were OK,” Robyn goes on. She then doubles down by insisting: “That’s not true.”