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For many years, we have all known that Farrah Abraham is a self-made disaster.

And no, we’re not just talking about Farrah setting fire to her own apartment.

But there has been an undercurrent of concern all along. Farrah’s writing and speech makes it clear that she struggles to understand certain things. Not to mention to express herself.

Farrah has now revealed a new diagnosis that answers a lot of questions for her. Will this change the way that the rest of us perceive her?

Farrah Abraham Video Still
Farrah Abraham is capable of being very mean. (Photo via Instagram)

On Wednesday, November 16, Farrah Abraham took to Instagram to share a photo of her Iowa learner’s permit and her Texas driver’s license.

“To see the me that had to take her drivers test over 4x,” she began.

Farrah continued: “because I didn’t know that mental struggles were separate from physical.”

Farrah Abraham Deep in Thought
So many deep thoughts going on in the brain of Farrah Abraham. So many means of communicating them via Internet word salads.

“I just thought I was a ‘late bloomer,'” Farrah admitted with regard to her Spongebob-core driving journey.

She marveled “to now seeing the me today.”

Farrah wrote that she is now someone “who knows mental health.”

You Can't Just Magically Be a Governor, Though...
“I think once I get my public affairs and law degree done, I feel like I will totally be ready to help support so many people, and be hated by people for helping our economy,” Farrah said of her qualifications for office. “I think I just want that degree for people and their sanity.”

Additionally, Farrah noted that she now “understands she has type #ADi.”

She added that she is someone “who now helps her daughter study for her own first drivers test.”

Sophia is 13. She will turn 14 next year. In Texas, you cannot apply for a learner’s permit until you are 15.

Farrah Abraham has taken a lot of flak for “clubbing” with her daughter. But for once, concerns about Farrah’s parenting are unfounded. (Instagram)

“I now know I have #ptosis,” Farrah announced.

Ptosis is an involuntary drooping of the eye. Treatments can include anything from eye drops to surgical solutions.

This, she added, is something “which affected my drivers test.”

“I just love I have the education and words!” Farrah wrote with unintended hilarity.

“I now can see not only in me but others dna differences within shining outward,” she commented oddly.

Farrah then concluded her caption: “I love knowing I can help me and others.”

Farrah Abraham on a Podcast
Photo via YouTube/Howie Mandel Does Stuff

Truth be told, when we first heard that Farrah was sharing some sort of diagnosis, we wondered if it might answer a lot of questions.

Especially when we heard the detail that it was a diagnosis that explained years of test-taking struggles.

Remember when Farrah briefly enrolled in online Harvard courses, only to flip out on the professor and burn her Harvard sweatshirt? Could we finally get an explanation for it all?

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But no. Farrah Abraham’s eye-drooping condition can explain struggling with her driver’s test.

It does not explain her spoken and written word salad. Similarly, her lack of social comprehension in many contexts is not the fault of her eyelids.

And no, drooping eyes do not cause violent outbursts in public places. Oh, or racist rants on camera.

She Won't Ever Be President, Though
“I don’t know why but there’s just such a hateful connotation about being president anymore,” Farrah noted. “I would like to say positive president. But I also think being in the senate, being in congress, they are voting a lot for a lot of things that affect us. I often see that congress and the senate are affecting, like, the president. So, I just feel like, there’s so many seats there! Why not take a seat?”

For years, we have noted that Farrah’s clear struggle to understand the world around her and to express herself are worrisome.

Anyone can make typos or forget a word. Farrah does this so regularly, in speech and writing, that it is likely what sabotaged her short-lived Harvard career.

Perhaps there is an (undiagnosed) condition that could explain Farrah’s frustration. And explain her apparent inability to recognize how she sounds to other people.

Farrah Abraham intense header

Does that mean that we should all lay off of Farrah and be nicer to her?

Well … no. There is a line between someone’s diminished mental capacity, be it due to mental illness or other causes, and their moral character.

With Kanye West or Donald Trump or Farrah Abraham, we can acknowledge the incoherent rants. But the focus should remain the deeply impeachable moral character.