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Amy Roloff is not very happy with Matt Roloff these days.

As has been well documented, the mother of four has taken issue with her former spouse due to the way he treated their children while deciding to put his Oregon farm up for sale.

Amy has said it’s just very sad that Matt didn’t give either of his sons a fair opportunity to purchase the property before he took it to the market.

On the latest episode of Little People, Big World, however, Roloff made it clear that her problems with Matt go back a lot farther than this — and run a lot deeper, too.

Amy Roloff is a mess in this photo of the Little People, Big World star. We hope she hangs in there!

Here’s what transpired:

Amy and her second husband, Chris Marek, were deliberating on air about how they would plant the reality star’s herb garden… when Amy grew rather irritated.

“We’re looking at this differently, and our … comprehension is different,” Amy said to Chris at one point, motioning to the garden and trying to explain their mini clash over the planting plans.

In a confessional, Marek stated:

“In my mind, I feel like I’m explaining it very well, very logically, and it makes sense. No argument needed and sometimes I get a little frustrated because Amy’s not catching on.”

After the couple seemed to reach an agreement, and Chris patted the pair on the back for their ability to “hammer it out,” Amy grew oddly offended by the term — and then opened up about the reason why in a confessional of her own.

“I am sensitive to that…

“I think it has a lot to do with trying to be so careful about my image and how people look at me throughout my whole life.

“Because all it takes is one little thing and poof, you’re dismissed.”

Amy Roloff shared this photo on Instagram as a way to pay tribute to her husband on the occasion of their one-year anniversary.

Amy then hearkened back to her past in order to elaborate further on this point:

“I do have a tendency to be a little more sensitive because I still have that old adage from growing up [and] trying to fit in, trying to meet other people’s expectations.

“Those elements, I know, definitely came into my marriage with Matt.

“There was a lot where I didn’t feel as supported or encouraged and when you have that a little bit over time…It can deflate you.”

Amy and Matt were married for over two decades and shares four kids.

They split up in 2016 and remain on pretty good terms, considering the stars still film their reality show together.

However, Amy accused Matt of cheating on her with his current girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, back in the day and it’s evident a great deal of bitterness remains.

To be fair, though, Amy clarified on this same episode that her self-esteem issues go beyond Matt and their failed relationship.

So cute! We can’t get enough of Amy Roloff sharing photos of herself and her second husband, Chris Marek.

“I think early on that I had to push Amy sometimes to talk about stuff,” Chris said at one point, prompting his spouse to agree and respond:

“I think part of me struggled internally. I was also afraid that if I didn’t say something right…he’d be walking out the door.”

This is when Amy really broke down and continued:

“There are moments that go back to my childhood. I’m just glad he thinks I’m good enough.”

And then this is when Chris proved he’s a keeper.

He leaned over on camera, embraced his wife and whispered, more to her than to the cameras: “More than good enough.”