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More than once, Farrah Abraham’s bad behavior has led to her arrest. One would almost think that she has a problem with security guards.

But not all of her antics take place out and about. Sometimes, the problem happens at home.

As we reported last week, Farrah Abraham set her apartment on fire.

Where Farrah is concerned, however, nothing is ever her fault. So she’s absolutely trashing the apartment complex. Talk about victim-blaming!

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Farrah Abraham has an apartment in Austin, Texas. Truly, the Lone Star state deserves better.

As we reported, she apparently left a lit candle just … sitting out, unattended, on her patio.

Not for a few minutes, either. It happened overnight.

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Farrah Abraham has sort of a scary look on her face in this scene from the Teen Mom OG reunion.

The Austin Fire Department arrived at around 12:30 in the morning, responding to the fire at her home.

This went down in September.

Apparently, the candle that Farrah had left sitting out fell over. A patio chair then caught fire.

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Farrah was, reports say, inside and asleep at the time of the fire.

Her 13-year-old daughter, Sophia, was also home.

Fortunately, Sophia was not hurt. And neither was Farrah.

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Farrah Abraham has taken a lot of flak for “clubbing” with her daughter. But for once, concerns about Farrah’s parenting are unfounded. (Instagram)

We all know that fires can be an additional hazard for people living in apartments, condominiums, or townhouses.

It only takes one Farrah to royally Farrah things up for a whole lot of people.

Thankfully, it sounds like the Austin Fire Department got things under control before any neighbors were hurt, also.

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We’re up close and personal here with Farrah Abraham and her braided pigtails.

After the patio furniture ignited, the sprinkler system reportedly went off.

Most apartments have systems that automatically contact the fire department if they detect smoke, even if it’s a false alarm.

Just in case, that portion of the building underwent an evacuation just after midnight. We’re sure that this was no fun for anyone. But, better safe than sorry.

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“I feel like I’m OK internally now and I’m OK financially for sure, so I am really in a blessed place at 30,” she said, adding that her parents don’t give her anything.

Farrah is not a longtime resident of the apartment building.

In fact, before that September incident, she had only lived in the building for about one month.

That is … not a great way to introduce yourself to your neighbors.

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Farrah Abraham stares into the camera here during an appearance on Teen Mom.

Now, obviously, anyone could accidentally set a fire. That has been happening for millennia.

An accidental fire does not necessarily mean that a person is bad or reckless. Sometimes, they truly did nothing wrong.

But that does not mean that Farrah, specifically, is “good” or “responsible.”

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Farrah Abraham’s Yelp reviews are infamous for a reason.

Though she has since deleted them, Farrah penned a furious review aimed at the apartment complex where she actually lives.

Instead of taking responsibility for leaving a burning candle sitting out in the wind next to flammable materials, she’s blaming everyone else. Like always.

Farrah Abraham Brings Ill Tidings
Teen Mom: Family Reunion star Farrah Abraham filled the world with horror and dread upon announcing her return to the franchise.

In the now-deleted screed, Farrah claimed that “the staff” did not do their “due diligence” in a way that led to the fire.

She also raged against “horrible” cleaning, complained about the maintenance, and blames the apartment complex for slow Wi-Fi.

We don’t know the particulars of her lease, but it would be a surprise if they were responsible.

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Farrah is using her daughter to help her harvest internet rage clicks. This week, she took the 12-year-old to a very adult yacht party.

Farrah wrote that she would “babysit maintenance since they couldn’t use their two hands.”

We don’t know what that means.

But we absolutely know that we don’t envy anyone who has to do maintenance work for Farrah.

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“I wish this building all the best because it needs the best to upkeep the bones of the new building,” Farrah rambled.

She continued: “the cleaning and support to residence needs an exception amount of training.”

“No one should … be treated like this or disrespected in their home,” Farrah insisted. “2022 lives by better work ethics, equality and inclusion then this building provides.” 

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Farrah Abraham does not actually go to Harvard. Don’t let this sweatshirt fool you.

Girl, what does that mean.

Farrah went so far as to single out an employee in a follow-up review, which is extra awful.

Also, she griped about maintenance not replacing the fire sprinkler.

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For the record, the sprinkler that she has reportedly went off as intended. What else does she want?

But then, Farrah has a long and ugly history of leaving barely intelligible rage-rants about every inconvenience.

The real ones, and the ones that she simply imagines.