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Now that the new season of Little People, Big World is underway, even more eyes are fixed upon the Roloff family.

Recently, Matt’s decisions (plural) have been tearing apart the family at the seams.

Amy cannot control what her ex-husband does. She no longer has a say in the farm itself, for that matter.

But she can express her wishes for how the family moves forward. And she’d like to put this ugly business behind them.

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In the buildup ahead of the Season 24 premiere of Little People, Big World, Amy Roloff answered fan questions.

On Friday, she took to Instagram Live to speak directly to her followers.

Obviously, Matt’s farm sale feud alienated both Zach and Jeremy. And it has impacted others, like Jacob and Molly.

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“Even the kids that you don’t see on the show,” Amy admitted.

She then noted that “they’ve had to embrace and figure out how they’re going to handle it.”

“And,” Amy continued, “what they think of all this.”

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It’s pumpkin season on the farm! And look at how many Roloffs have gathered around for the occasion.

The farm isn’t some obscure piece of investment property. It’s where the family grew up.

“This farm was like the seventh kid,” Amy then characterized.

She commented that it was akin to being the “seventh individual in our family.”

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On October 7, Matt and Amy celebrated the opening of pumpkin season on their 110-acre farm in Helvetia, Oregon. Caryn was there, too.

As we know, Matt did a partial U-turn on his controversial fam plans.

He opted to turn that portion of the farm into a short-term rental property instead of selling it outright.

Maybe he smelled more money in it. Or maybe he just realized that selling the farm was destroying his brand — and his family.

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Matt Roloff has taken his farm off the market. As you can see here, the property is now available to rent.

Amy is admittedly less than thrilled at the idea of the former family home becoming an AirBnB, and not just because short-term rental houses are huge contributors to the housing crisis.

But Amy wants the family to process their feelings and then set aside these disagreements.

Simply put, she wants everyone to make nice.

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“Matt owns all the property,” Amy pointed out.

Addressing her fans and followers, she commented that “you guys have seen what he’s doing with it now. …”

Amy then announced that “It’s time for us to move on with our own lives.”

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Isabel Roloff is posing here with her husband, Jacob, mother-in-law, Amy, and sister-in-law, Molly.

“My hope and goal is always to, eventually, maybe we can get together,” Amy wrote optimistically.

She wants to have family gatherings that are “more than just birthdays, maybe a holiday.”

Amy did acknowledge that “It takes time for that to happen.”

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Amy Roloff strikes a pose here on her wedding day… alongside Jacob, Molly and Isabel.

“It’s easier for some,” Amy noted.

“And,” she continued, “takes a little longer for others.”

That is natural. Everyone is different. And we all understand that there is more than just the farm, and Matt’s willingness to mislead his sons, at play here.

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What a glorious family photo. We adore Tori, Zach and their kids.

But ultimately, Amy reminded people that they are a real family. Sometimes, a beef over the sale of family land is normal.

“Ours is real life, we’re not like some of the other reality shows…” she wrote shadily.

“This is a real family,” Amy reminded her followers. “You just get a snippet of it.”

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Amy offered other news — including a lack of news regarding Season 25.

“I can’t confirm this is the final season,” Amy told her followers. She went on: “I don’t know. I have no idea.”

She then expressed: “I hope you guys keep watching, I think you’ll still find some interesting things.”

Amy Roloff Explains Lack of Experience
Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff reasoned that she never had that much experience with kinks due to her limited dating pool.

“If there is another season after that,” Amy suggested, “I’m going to try to make it into a season where you actually get to see a little more of us.”

“And,” she continued, “what we’re doing in our lives…maybe getting together with everybody.”

Amy then concluded by affirming that “We’re moving forward from this [farm sale stuff].”