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“Not on my 2022 bingo card” has become something of a meme.

But even before Nick Cannon welcomed Baby #10 with Baby #11 on the way, “Nick Cannon announces new pregnancy” was basically everyone’s free space.

Well, he’s done it. Cannon’s 12 child is on the way with Alyssa Scott.

This news comes less than one year after the two lost 5-month-old Zen.

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Alyssa Scott took to Instagram in late October, 2022, to showcase her baby bump while holding her daughter, Zeela. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“With you by my side …” Alyssa Scott captioned an Instagram photo.

In the picture, she is holding her daughter, Zeela.

Alyssa is also very conspicuously pregnant. That baby bump is hard to miss.

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Alyssa’s photo did not include Nick Cannon. She did not even tag him in the pic.

But multiple outlets have reported that they are able to confirm that Nick is, once again, the baby daddy.

This is absurd news for Cannon, as this will be Baby #12 for him. It is also bittersweet news for him and for Alyssa.

Nick Cannon, Son
This is now a tragic photo, as the baby son of Nick Cannon has passed away from a brain tumor.

Less than a year ago, their 5-month-old son, Zen, passed away from a brain tumor.

That is a profound tragedy — one that rocked Cannon to his core.

Many of us have given Nick Cannon grief in recent years, and not undeservedly. But there are topics where we can all share sympathy, empathy, and join parents in mourning their baby.

Nick Cannon Video Still
Nick Cannon makes a horrifying confession here: His five-month old son has died from a brain tumor.

Nothing and no one can “replace” a lost child. He and Alyssa both felt this grief in their hearts.

But they are also channeling this tragedy towards something positive. In June, they announced the Zen’s Light FOundation.

Their goal is to “foster global excellence in hope, grief care, and pediatric healthcare for families and children in need.”

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Nick Cannon subbing in as host for the Wendy Williams show.

Alyssa’s new baby will be Nick’s Baby #12. She is one of six mothers to his various children.

At present, Abby De La Rosa is preparing to give birth to Cannon’s 11th child.

These are, of course, the numbers as we know them. Sometimes, he reveals a new pregnancy, and suddenly there’s a new order to them. This has happened multiple times this year.

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Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell posed for an elaborate maternity shoot, including costume changes and more, for their third child together. This will be his tenth.

Just last month, Cannon welcomed Baby #10.

Brittany Bell gave birth to Rise Messiah.

She also gave birth to two other children by him: Golden, in 2017, and Powerful Queen, in 2020.

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Nick Cannon poses with his ninth child, Onyx Ice Cole Cannon, and Onyx Ice’s mother, LaNisha Cole, in this black-and-white photo from September 14, 2022. (Image Credit: Instagram)

And just two weeks before the birth of Rise Messiah, Cannon welcomed Baby #9.

LaNisha Cole gave birth to their daughter, Onyx Ice.

And no, that is not an exhaustive list of Cannon’s children from 2022.

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Nick Cannon poses happily with pregnant model Bre Tiesi, who is carrying his eighth child, at their party venue.

In July, he and Bre Tiesi welcomed their son, Legendary Love.

He is also the father of twin sons, Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir — with Abby De La Rosa.

And, as we mentioned, Abby is pregnant. In fact, she is due very soon.

Nick Cannon on Access Hollywood
Nick Cannon sits and chills here on the set of Access Hollywood. He’s wearing a sweatshirt.

Nick Cannon also has a pair of twins with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey.

Moroccan and Monroe are a bit older than his recent string of offspring.

There was a time when Cannon expressed remorse for the lives that he has turned upside down. But it seems that all of his talk of a vasectomy has become a thing of the past.