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As hard as most of Britney Spears’ fans wanted her freedom, it seems that some wish that they were her conservators.

At least, that is the impression that they give when they try to police what she posts.

Whether Britney is sharing all, baring all, or chopping off her hair, she’s going to do what she wants.

But Britney remains undeterred … and just posted a full-body nude that was simply too spicy for Instagram.

Britney Spears shared a photo of her full naked body on Twitter on Tuesday, October 18, 2022. Thank you, ma’am! (Image Credit: Twitter)

No longer content to post herself topless on the beach or flaunt her magnificent peach, Britney is baring it all.

Taking to Twitter, the Queen of Pop showcased her naked body in all of its MILF glory while reclining on her side.

Normally, we would draw comparisons to Titian’s Venus d’Urbino. But with Britney facing the camera like that, she’s serving Manet’s Olympia.

Britney Spears took to Twitter on Tuesday, October 18, writing “I have a premiere for a movie this week, ‘The legislative act of my pussy'” alongside a full-body nude. (Image Credit: Twitter)

Now, Britney did not simply tweet out the alluring photo without saying anything.

“I have a premiere for a movie this week ‘THE LEGISLATIVE ACT OF MY P–SY’ !!!!” she announced via text.

Technically, her raised leg and carefully placed hand might have made this pic safe for Instagram.

Britney Spears wore a hat to conceal her new haircut, but the rest of her incredible body got plenty of sunlight. (Image Credit: Instagram)

But clearly, she did not want to chance it with the notoriously prudish, sexist photo app.

Twitter has its own demons, but full nudity is common. It’s not an ideal app for thirst traps, artists, or sex workers. But in today’s ultra-pure social media hellscape, lax censorship makes Twitter a veritable oasis.

And after all that Britney has been through, she shouldn’t have to worry about whether some app or algorithm will purge her pics.

Britney Spears celebrated the debut success of “Hold Me Closer” with a glorious topless pic, snapped and shared from Sunset Tower. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Britney has previously explained why she enjoys going nude and sharing the photos.

Back in March, she noted that it is because she is both a “rebel” and now, finally, a “free woman.”

Frankly, she did not need to explain it. She looks hot in the pics. Britney should get to post what she likes, just like everyone else.

Many people use a peach emoji to cover their personal peaches, but Britney Spears opted for a vibrant heart emoji to keep her photo Instagram appropriate. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Britney’s pics are no mystery. The real mystery is what the hell this premiere that she’s talking about is supposed to be.

Perhaps Britney will clarify things for her millions of fans in time.

For now, a few of her replies mention a desire for hunky husband Sam Asghari to “join” her for future photos. People sure are thirsty and unafraid to show it.