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Britney Spears’ beloved fans love her, her music, and her new life of freedom.

And there’s a lot to be said about Britney’s magnificent body and how willing she is to share pics of it, too.

In a very recent update, Britney announced that she had “cut all” of her “hair off.”

The news calls to mind her now legendary head-shaving from early 2007. Some fans are understandably anxious to see her new ‘do.

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“I cut all my hair off,” Britney Spears announced on Instagram on Tuesday, October 4.

That night, her caption continued: “I don’t want to show it yet.”

Britney included three scissors emojis. And a short video that showed almost all of her body except for her head.

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Britney rolled around in the surf while wearing a teeny weenie pink bikini … well, just the bottoms.

She hid her breasts using her hands, or simply by facing away from the camera. Clearly, some editing went down before she shared this to Instagram.

All the while, Britney wore glasses and a hat to hide her new hair situation. Well, mostly.

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As you can see from these select stills from Britney’s short video, she clearly did not buzz her head.

(There is a lot that people should understand about that 2007 incident, of course, but that’s neither here nor there)

She still has her blonde locks, they’re just shorter. Some appear shoulder-length. Britney could be sporting a bob, for example.

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Many people use a peach emoji to cover their personal peaches, but Britney Spears opted for a vibrant heart emoji to keep her photo Instagram appropriate. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Just weeks ago, Britney was sporting her long and thick mane of blonde hair.

Clearly, she felt that it was time for a change.

We’re sure that we can all look forward to a true hairstyle reveal when she is good and ready.

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Britney Spears celebrated the debut success of “Hold Me Closer” with a glorious topless pic, snapped and shared from Sunset Tower. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

We mentioned that there is so much more to discuss about Britney’s infamous 2007 head-shaving.

For many people, this was the biggest sign that she was in a mental health crisis.

However, Britney’s own statements since then and a lot of information that has come to light over the past 15 years have changed a lot of minds.

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If someone marches into a salon out of the blue and shaves their head, you might have questions.

It’s their body and they can decide what to do with it, but it’s an odd choice for anyone, right?

But Britney had a purpose and, frankly, a pretty good reason for that one act of retaking control.

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Britney Spears posted more topless vacation pics this week. But it’s the way she captioned the photos that really has fans talking!

In the mid-aughts, Britney could not go anywhere without being recognized and photographs.

Camera phones were still a new thing. But paparazzi were not.

The world quickly understood that photographers knew where Britney would be wherever she went. And she wasn’t the one calling them.

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Britney Spears uploaded a video of herself dancing just a few days after announcing she had suffered a miscarriage. We wish her the best.

Knowing that photographers would snap her photo, Britney’s team and handlers — many of whom are now disgraced — managed her hair.

They insisted on getting her hair just right before even a simple grocery trip.

For Britney, this meant that she had lost control of even the smallest and simplest things in life — like her own body.

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You know how sometimes Disney stars publicly “act out” by behaving like normal young adult women instead of like picture-perfect automatons?

Britney shaving her head was an act to take back control over one tiny piece of her body. We get that.

While the psychology of getting a haircut now is complex for someone like Britney, it sounds like she just has a shorter hairstyle. Not really a huge deal. We’re happy that she gets to make these choices now.