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Zach Shallcross is ready to find his soulmate on national television.

But here’s the thing:

It sounds like there’s some chance this has already happened!

On last week’s After the Final Rose special, ABC officially introduced Shallcross as the next Bachelor.

America selected Brianna to be the recipient of Zach’s First Impression Rose. They look happy together here.

Shortly after Zach — who finished third on Rachel Recchia’s side of the latest Bachelorette season — accepted this title, he met a handful of potential suitors.

One of them was named Brianna.

She took a selfie with the just-announced lead (using a Polaroid camera!) and then quickly earned America’s vote as the recipient of Zach’s First Impression Rose.

“I thought coming up with a polaroid camera, taking a selfie on stage and putting it in my pocket, I was like ‘wow that was very smooth,” Shallcross now tells Entertainment Tonight of Brianna.

“I have it forever and gotta bring it on night one,” he said.

Here he is! The Bachelor number-27. Fans seem torn on the selection of Zach Shallcross.

Sounds like someone is pretty darn smitten already, huh?

The 26-year old tech executive previously spoke to People Magazine about the lessons he took away from getting his hopes and dreams crushed as a contestant on The Bachelorette.

“I’ve taken the lessons I’ve learned and want to apply it for myself and find my person now,” Shallcross says in the latest issue of this publication, adding:

“Heartbreak is never fun, but it didn’t deter me. And I’m ready to go again.”

Will Brianna truly end up being the one for him?

It’s way too early to say, of course.

Shallcross does know what he wants in a potential partner, however.

“There’s really two main things that I look for and first is how kind and compassionate they are. I think that’s something that’s pretty rare nowadays,” he explained to People.

“The other thing is having someone that loves to do fun, adventurous stuff with me, whether it’s traveling, trying cool foods.”

Despite his age, Zach also feels prepared to settle down.

“I don’t think that there’s anything where there’s an age limit on when you decide you want to fall in love and get married,” he has said on this topic.

“If you are ready and you feel well equipped with yourself, you love yourself, you trust yourself and you want to share that with someone else, it doesn’t matter how old you are.”

ABC is yet to announce a premiere date for The Bachelor Season 27, but the series almost always kicks off in very early January.