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On the latest 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, we watched Angela Deem fly out to ambush Michael in Nigeria.

Her husband of two years had no idea that she was coming, or what she planned to do.

Angela’s purpose was to inspect his life, pour through his phone, and decide if she wanted to dump him.

But Sunday’s episode showed that, once she got there, she did something different: destroying Michael’s car.

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Let’s keep things in order, or this will never make sense.

As her segment of Season 7, Episode 5 began, Angela Deem was packing her bags.

The longtime franchise villain was preparing for her first trip to Nigeria in two years. And she wasn’t going alone.

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Angela had convinced her new friend, Rene, to accompany her. She had, as you may remember, alienated the previous friend with whom she’d filmed.

It turns out that Angela and Rene are kindred spirits.

As in, they met in an airport, and then broke airport rules by smoking in an airport bathroom. Selfish, gross, and callously disregarding rules together. Two peas in a pod.

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Rene saw some of the gear that Angela was packing. Angela expressed her desire to look sexy.

First, because she has lost a tremendous amount of weight since her last trip to Nigeria.

And second, because she has not gotten the desired attention from Michael, her husband. She wanted to overwhelm him with thirst.

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Michael’s Instagram was still up, to Angela’s unending fury.

And still, his one offer to take it down was for her to send him $5,000, as if parodying the for $8,000 a month, I will stop Tumblr meme.

Maybe he is demanding his share of the money for filming a previous season. Or maybe not. No matter what, it’s a tense situation.

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Angela then told Rene that Michael did not actually know that she was flying out to meet him.

This was, she declared, a surprise visit. And there was a reason for her desire to catch him off guard.

A key part of Angela’s ambush would be snatching and looking through her husband’s phone, depriving him of a chance to delete anything.

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Angela had also done her research on Nigerian law, apparently.

She told Rene that anything belonging to Michael was legally hers as well.

This was, of course, ominous foreshadowing of her bad behavior to come.

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Angela boarded her flight and set off for Nigeria.

That is where her role on the episode ended.

However, the teaser for Season 7, Episode 6 — which will air on Sunday, October 2 — showed where things are headed.

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In the preview, the credits were rolling — sorry about that. We’ll likely see all of this much more clearly this weekend.

Angela has arrived and is yelling at Michael without a care in the world who else hears. What else is new?

“Michael!” she hollers angrily. She then taunts: “Why don’t you just come out?”

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Angela always sees herself as the sympathetic hero instead of as a nightmarish caricature.

She complains to the camera about how Michael is treating her.

For the record, it is unclear in this sneak peek whether he is even home. He does not respond at all.

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“Whatever, I’ll just tow the f–king car,” a furious Angela then threatens.

If she called a tow truck, it was clearly taking too long, because she decided to take matters into her own hands. Literally.

Angela appears to be ripping things off of Michael’s car (at least, we hope that it’s his car).

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“Michael, come out. She’s taking your car apart,” Rene warns.

My car. Tell him I’ll break the f–king windows next,” Angela yells while defacing the vehicle.

We then hear her menace: “You’ve got the wrong motherf—er.”