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Paedon Brown just spilled all the Sister Wives tea.

The 23-year old son of Christine and Kody Brown sat down this week for an in-depth Q&A with fans on TikTok, answering questions that ranged included:

Is he on decent terms with his dad? What does Robyn think of that recent troll job? Is Janelle still a member of the family?

Paedon Brown on TikTok

Last month, as you may recall, Paedon also spoke to his social media followers, doing so while donning a shirt that read What does the nanny doooo?.

This was a reference to Christine’s stunned reaction on Sister Wives Season 16 when she learned that Robyn — Kody’s youngest and only legal spouse — actually employed a nanny at home.

The shirt went viral, much to Kody’s apparent irritation.

“Me and Dad’s relationship– because of a certain shirt…because I wore a specific shirt and that video blew up—Dad’s relationship [with me] is kind of strained," Paedom admitted this week.

"It was just a joke but it kind of backlashed. And that’s okay.”

Paedon Brown in a Shirt

Kody, of course, previously confessed himself that he and his kids need to go to therapy because they barely speak these days.

Paedon has no regrets, meanwhile.

He said during this week’s chat that the controversial garment is “a great shirt” — and that Christine currently has it in her possession. LOL.

Elsewhere in this discussion, Paedon had a whole lot to say about Robyn.

Robyn Brown Smirks

He actually said she was a "big reason" why the Browns moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff in 2018, and added that the two don’t get along.

“I was rude to her kids so she doesn’t like me very much,” Paedon told, later elaborating as follows:

“Robyn got mad at me because I was a bully to her kids. I was a jerk to them.

"That’s why [Robyn and I aren’t] very close. I’m a lot closer with her kids now than I was."

Robyn Photograph

Paedon doesn’t chat very much with Meri, either.

“I’m not very close with Meri,” Paedon admitted at one point, citing "a lot of reasons" without delving into any of them specifically.

“I don’t act like Meri doesn’t exist. I talk more about Janelle because I’m closer to Janelle.

"I don’t talk about Robyn or Meri very often. I’m not very close to them. It’s not that there was a falling out. I’m just not close to them.”

Photo via Instagram

Paedon’s mom broke free from her selfish and controlling husband in November.

She announced to fans on Instagram that she had left Kody and moved back to Utah and Paedon has since said Christine is thrilled with this decision.

“Mom is happier now,” Brown told Us Weekly last month.

"She is now minutes away from her two oldest daughters. And eventually, in the future, maybe more children will move up there."

Kody and Paedon

What about Janelle, though?

There’s been talk that she’s either left Kody, too, or that she really wants to.

“Yes [he’s still with her],” Paedon responded when asked about these rumors, concluding:

“Janelle is still in Flagstaff. Guys, Janelle is still there."

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Tuesday 30th of August 2022

[…] Paedon also feels there is a rift between him and his father’s fourth wife, Robyn. Because of how Paedon treated Robyn’s kids, she isn’t very warm and welcoming to him, even though the kids’ relationships have been mended. Robyn isn’t the only mom Paedon feels estranged from. Of his relationship with Meri, he has said in a TikTok live, "I’m not very close with Meri" for various reasons (via The Hollywood Gossip). […]