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On 90 Day Bares All and now on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Megan Potthast wants fans to know one thing:

Her feet pics are for sale. Those photos, and more, are available on Megan’s OnlyFans page for subscribers.

Megan and Charlie share four kids, and we all know that 90 Day Fiance pays its cast very little.

Her foot business is booming … but is that her only job?

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Megan Potthast works as a social media influencer and a content creator, including representing Amazon. According to her bio, anyway.

She also works from home as a manager for Chuck’s real estate business.

To hear her tell it, however, the real money comes when she puts her heart and sole into a project.

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Viewers tuning in for Season 7, Episode 5 were not asking or expecting to see Megan Potthast’s feet.

Her OnlyFans subscribers, on the other hand, are. In fact, they’re paying for that and more with their subscriptions.

Producers introduced Charlie and his wife with a scene of him supporting her … by snapping her feet pics.

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Megan looked genuinely great in her outfit, which was both form-fitting and flattering.

The photoshoot was also entirely safe-for-work … except for a certain demographic of people.

Foot fetishists might be as excited or more by feet than they would for anything under her clothes. For those viewers, this was basically an OnlyFans ad.

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? is not a charity. The OF ad was fun, but it was time to talk business.

Charlie and Megan discussed the family feud. They think that Andrei has turned everyone against them.

In reality, we all saw Charlie’s troubled behavior for ourselves. Has he actually gotten help?

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Megan did detail her OnlyFans success. We only have her word and publicly available information to go on, but it was interesting.

First, she shared that she made $70,000 on OnlyFans just last year.

What’s more is that she revealed that this was more than she made working for her father-in-law’s company. That part was especially illuminating.

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To be clear, Megan’s subscription page is not OnlyFeet — she shares more than those appendages.

She has shared photos of her breasts with paying subscribers.

It doesn’t sound like she shares anything hardcore, however. Simple nudity and a lot of foot stuff for the foot people.

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It’s unclear why Megan is making less than that from working for Chuck’s real estate business.

To hear some of the family members tell it, it’s a lucrative line of work that is worth fighting and tearing apart their family to control.

Maybe Megan’s part of the work is more laid back, or part time. She is, after all, a mother of four.

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Megan and Charlie are still on the outs with most of the family — except for her homophobic mother-in-law, Pamela.

Charlie’s sisters initially stood firm, refusing to spend time around him until he gets help for his issues.

It appears that Season 6 will show some of them break ranks. That will be interesting to watch. Will they regret it?