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It’s no secret to 90 Day Fiance viewers that Elizabeth Potthast clashes with her family sometimes.

Usually (try every single time), it’s a disagreement about or relating to her husband, Andrei.

This time, however, Libby is taking a strong moral stance — and she’s clashing with her mom.

It’s not about Andrei. It’s about her mother’s homophobic Instagram post.

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Elizabeth Potthast’s family has appeared many times during her storylines.

Her mother, Pamela, has appeared a little less frequently than others, but she is a familiar face to viewers.

Unfortunately, her followers received a nasty shock during the first weekend of Pride month.

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On Instagram, Pamela shared a graphic and added her own caption with the same message:

"True meaning of a rainbow is God’s promise to us in Genesis 9:13-17, not about pride," she wrote.

That particular biblical passage refers to the rainbow’s meaning withing Judiasm and Christianity.

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Obviously, on its own, "the rainbow represent’s God’s promise" would be fine.

Many faiths ascribe different meanings and significance to different phenomena, including rainbows.

We are all free to believe or ignore someone else’s religious views. However

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… Pamela didn’t stop there. She and the graphic both took aim at Pride.

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, a time to honor the struggles and triumphs of a large, diverse, and too-often invisible community.

Pride isn’t a protest or a celebration — it’s both. It’s a joyous time … unless you happen to be a bigot.

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio Discuss PDA

Pamela eventually turned off replies when she saw that her post wasn’t getting a reception that she particularly liked.

This was not before fan-favorite Kenneth Niedermeier left a tasteful yet outspoken rainbow emoji as a reply.

Clearly, unless someone is also outraged by cereal boxes, someone who takes issue with the Pride Flag is not just really religious about rainbows.

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The Pride Flag was originally conceived by Gilbert Baker in 1978 to represent the entire LGBTQ+ community.

Since then, there have been many iterations and adaptations of this flag.

Anyone getting bent out of shape enough to try to "reclaim" the rainbow motif during Pride is expressing bigotry, full stop.

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On Monday, Elizabeth Potthast took to her Instagram Stories with a video that we have included in this post.

"I wanted to address something really quickly," she began.

Libby specified that she was addressing "a recent post that one of my family members decided to make."

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The post was "about the rainbow and about Pride."

She does not name the relative.

But it is impossible to miss that she is referring to her mother.

Elizabeth Potthast Throws Shade

"I just want to make it very clear to you all," Elizabeth emphasized.

She affirmed "that I do not agree with that whatsoever."

And, in case there was any ambiguity, she had more to say.

Elizabeth Potthast Has Hopes

"I feel it’s very insensitive," Libby expressed.

"And," she continued, "to anyone that it may have offended or hurt."

Libby stated: "I hope that you guys are all okay."

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"I also want you to know that we love you guys so much," Libby expressed.

"And love is love, and that’s that," she concluded.

Well said!

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It takes no small amount of courage to speak out against family.

After all, you usually have to see them sooner or later.

While Libby often clashes with family on camera, we all know that what goes down on TV is a little different than real life.

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Fans have given Elizabeth and Andrei a hard time over the years, and we here at THG are no exceptions.

Andrei will say rude things, and Libby — in her efforts to stand by her husband — sometimes stands up for him when he’s wrong.

But we all understand that what goes down on 90 Day Fiance is always going to be a little different than real life.

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Some people are actually nicer on TV than in real life — a great example of that being Big Ed Brown.

But on reality television, having heated arguments and being over the top can lead to success.

The conflicts are usually very real, but in entertainment, it doesn’t pay to keep calm and resolve issues. You gotta be messy.

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But Pamela’s post wasn’t reality TV drama or anything of the sort.

It was just mean-spirited bigotry thinly veiled under religious excuses, the kind that LGBTQ+ folks see all year, every year.

It’s direspectful to everyone, particularly hurtful to LGBTQ+ Christians, and just not acceptable.