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As we reported earlier this week, it’s been rumored that Brad Pitt is dating Emily Ratajkowski.

We can understand if you were hesitant to buy into these reports, as it sounds like the kind of thing the internet loves to make up.

Emily is newly single having separated from Sebastian Bear-McClard after he was caught serially cheating on her.

So it makes sense that people would want to match her up with Brad as some sort of imaginary revenge on her philandering ex.

Sebastian Bear-McClard and Emily Ratajkowski in happier times. (Photo via Getty Images)

Plus, everyone loves to imagine two ridiculously attractive people hooking up to create physically flawless babies together.

But believe it or not, it looks like there might be some truth to these Bradajkowski rumors.

According to a new report from Life & Style, Brad and Emily have been on “a couple of dates” together.

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An insider tells the tabloid that the couple is hoping to keep their relationship “on the down low” for as long as possible.

But while the two A-listers may have no intention of going public with their romance anytime soon, it sounds like Pitt is already quite smitten with Ratajkowski.

“He thinks she’s the hottest thing on the planet and they totally gel,” says the insider.

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Brad Pitt on the red carpet for Bullet Train. (Photo via Getty)

(Ed. note: Our independent research has concluded that Pitt is correct, and Ratakowski is indeed the hottest thing on the planet.)

“It’s still very early days and they’re having fun,” the source adds.

The insider says that Emily is hoping to keep things casual with Brad, but not because she’s still upset about her split from Sebastian.

Emily Ratajkowski in Vera Wangg
We’re very thankful to Vera Wang for designing this dress for Emily Ratajkowski. (Photo via Getty)

“Emily isn’t going to have any problem moving on with her life from Sebastian. She’s completely over him,” says the source.

Similarly, it seems that Brad is not looking to jump into anything serious.

“Brad has been keeping a low profile lately,” the insider tells Life & Style.

“He did a lot of internal work after splitting with Angelina, and he is pretty focused on work and other new ventures right now.

Brad Pitt Sizzles
Brad Pitt is smoldering in this photo. But what else is new, right? Dude is hot AF. (Photo via Getty)

“He loves design and architecture and real estate and is immersing himself in things that make him feel happy and fulfilled,” the source continues.

“Brad decided that he is not interested in a committed relationship at the moment. He doesn’t want to step out at hot spots and get photographed. He is tired of being judged for every move he makes.”

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, a separate source confirmed that Pitt and Ratajkowski are taking it day by day.

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Emily Ratajkowski looks beautiful wearing this yellow dress in this photo, but she looks even lovelier in the mirror.

“Brad and Emily have spent time together, but it’s very casual. They’re friends,” the source says.

“Emily recently filed for divorce and Brad is still going through his situation with Angelina [Jolie] so neither are looking for anything serious right now.”

Sounds like it’ll be a while before Emily and Brad make it official.

For now, we’ll just have to content ourselves with the knowledge that two of the planet’s hottest people are enjoying each other’s hotness. What a time to be alive.