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On September 6, Alexei and Loren Brovarnik welcomed Baby #3.

With sweet newborn Ariel added to the bunch, the couple now have three children under the age of three.

Childbirth, having kids, and life in general are seldom as easy or glamorous as so many public figures would have you believe.

Loren, however, is keeping things real. She wants others who are going through it to know that they are not alone.

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90 Day Fiance fan favorite Loren Brovarnik admitted to having a hard time, reminding fans and followers that it is okay to not be okay. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Loren Brovarnik took to Instagram this week to express some very raw emotions.

She surprised some of her fans and followers while discussing her mental health.

The difficulty was readily apparent. Loren was shedding tears without pause.

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“Leaving this here as a reminder to those who need to hear it,” Loren’s caption began.

But it was the words that she spoke in the video that truly resonated with many fans.

She emphasized that “It’s okay to be okay,” which may sound obvious.

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“And I just want you to know,” Loren continued, “that if you’re not okay, it’s really okay.”

She emphasized to her fans and followers that they are not alone.

Sometimes, in a world full of tremendous pressures to only present their best sides, people all seem to have it together.

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But when everyone puts their best foot forward, it can make people who are suffering feel isolated.

Or like there’s something wrong with them.

That is likely why Loren is imploring her followers to trust her when she says that they are not alone.

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Loren is not alone, either.

Fans showered her with support. Castmates and other big names from the franchise also chimed in.

Elizabeth Potthast praised her strength. Shaeeda Sween and Tania Maduro sent her their love and affirmation.

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Clearly, Loren is likely dealing with postpartum issues — emotional, hormonal, physical, and psychological.

She took to her Instagram Stories to poll her followers about how they cope when going through a rough time.

Loren noted that her Tourette Syndrome plays a role, as she releases “by ticking” when under stress.

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90 Day Fiance fan favorites Loren Brovarnik posed with their sons, Shai Brovarnik and his newborn baby brother, Asher Brovarnik.

Her fans had a number of helpful suggestions.

One of the most common recommendations was simply to do normal, restorative activities — like eating.

While some people with disordered eating habits can have uncomfortable relationships with food, it’s good advice for many.

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Loren has of course opened up about her post-pregnancy recovery.

Ariel is not only her third child, but her third pregnancy.

Her recovery includes wearing what amounts to a large diaper, to deal with the after effects of childbirth.

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Loren and Alexei are fan favorites for more than just their genuine love story and obvious affection.

They have, in many ways, kept things real for years. And their authenticity contrasted from wannabe influencers and aspiring models who shared screens with them.

They’re not the most dramatic or the most interesting. But their fans know who they are. That counts for a lot.