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Now that Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley are engaged, their relationship is receiving more scrutiny than ever.

And that’s really saying something because these two have been under a microscope from the moment they started dating.

Fans were hopeful that they would receive more information about Leah and Jaylan’s relationship once the couple made their debut on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

And they certainly got their wish when the Mobleys appeared on this week’s episode of the spinoff series.

Viewers got to sit in as Leah enjoyed a night out with Jaylan and her youngest daughter Addie.

Leah has said in the past that Jaylan and Addie enjoy an especially close relationship.

“They’ll text him more than they’ll text me. Like really, what’s happened? And him and Adalynn, they’re like sidekicks all the time,” she once told Hollywood Life.

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Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley posed for a photoshoot with her daughters. And fans are loving the sight of this very happy family. (Photo via Instagram)

So it should come as no surprise that Addie had no qualms about grilling Jaylan with regard to his intentions toward Leah.

The conversation took a turn for the personal when Leah admitted that members of her family have been asking a lot of questions about her plans for the future.

“What’s next?” Leah quotes these people as saying, before really going there by mentioning “proposal, marriage, and kids.”

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Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley are officially engaged! And some fans think the couple will soon be making a pregnancy announcement! (Photo via Instagram)

That’s when Adalynn steps in and really gets candid by asking Jaylan, “Do you want to be a dad?”

Mobley sort of dodges the question by laughing and changing the subject.

But considering the widespread rumor that Leah is already pregnant with Jaylan’s baby, we’re gonna guess that he was at least open to the idea.

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Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley are headed for the altar. (Photo via Instagram)

From there, Leah and Jaylan discuss moving in together, which Leah admits “is a big move” in their relationship.

But she also says that she has “no doubts” about taking the leap with Jaylan.

“I would put a stop to it [if I had doubts],” she says, “but I don’t [have any].”

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Leah and Jaylan hit the town. (Photo via Instagram)

“I’ve always wanted to own a home,” Jaylan adds.

“Really not even own a home, but just own a home with somebody that I love, and have a family. It really only makes sense for us to make that next step [and buy a house together].”

“I want to do it — it feels great,” Leah tells Jaylan.

The couple ends the scene by saying “I love you” to one another.

Leah Messer asked Jaylan Mobley some tough questions on this week’s episode of Teen Mom. Fortunately, he had all the right answers. (Photo via MTV)

If there’s any perk to the massive lag time in production on most reality shows, it’s that we don’t have to wonder about things like what will happen with Leah and Jaylan’s plans to move in together.

Because this episode was filmed several months ago, we already know that Jaylan bought Leah a house, and the couple is currently cohabiting with her three daughters!

Sure, it’s a little weird that Leah’s name isn’t on the lease, and it’s a bit strange that Jaylan bought the house before he proposed.

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Jaylan Mobley surprised Leah Messer by buying her a freakin’ house! Now, THAT’S a present! (Photo via Instagram)

But maybe the couple will explain these quirks on an upcoming episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

In the meantime, why don’t we all stop wildly speculating in the comments of Leah’s Instagram posts!