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On Sunday’s Season 7, Episode 3 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Kimberly Menzies returned to Africa.

Viewers previously watched her travel to Tanzania. Since then, she took a trip to Nigeria. Now, she’s doing it again.

This time, Kimberly warned the camera, the stakes are higher than ever.

Either she gets engaged to Usman “Sojaboy” Umar … or she returns home, heartbroken, never to love again.

Kimberly Menzies’ segment of the show started with her spending time with her family before her flight.

Her mother, who has since passed, acknowledged that Kimberly is following her heart … but highlighted the importance of using her head.

Jamal, Kimberly’s notoriously handsome son, was as supportive as anyone reasonably could be of his mother.

“Even though I have a 25-hour flight ahead of me, I am so excited,” Kimberly gushed to the camera.

She was hyped “because I know when I step off that plane I’m going to see my boyfriend Usman aka Sojaboy.”

Kimberly highlighted: “This trip to Nigeria is to find out what our future holds.”

Kimberly noted that the stakes are high “because if we don’t get Usman’s mom’s blessings.”

She then admitted: “I really don’t know what’s going to happen with our relationship.”

And while Kimberly insists that she was friends — not a superfan — with Usman first, she’s not going back to that.

“I can’t be his friend again either,” Kimberly affirmed.

“I get engaged,” she warned, “or I go home heartbroken and devastated.”

Kimberly then vowed: “and I will never date again. And I swear I will not date again.”

Meanwhile, Usman was already hyping himself for Kimberly’s arrival in Nigeria.

This time, he’s introducing her to his family. His plan, of course, is to reassure them about her.

He wants his mother’s approval. From there, they can move on to the engagement and marriage.

Kimberly’s plan is to bring Usman over to the United States.

However, Usman wants children, which means taking a second wife.

Kimberly has claimed to be okay with that. But is she? Not even Usman is feeling entirely sure.

Usman gave Kimberly a warm welcome at the airport.

It very clearly meant so much to her that he lowered his mask and kissed her on the lips. Even he hadn’t been sure that he’d do that in public.

He also gifted her a pair of plushes. It’s not a PS5 and a Macbook, but it’s something.

Kimberly, by her own admission, was looking forward to getting yammy from Usman.

This time, there was no pretense about getting separate hotel rooms.

They roomed together, where Usman very imperiously ordered room service.

(Perhaps his phrasing is a cultural difference … if someone talks to a service worker like this in the US, it’s time to split)

Once in the hotel room, Kimberly gave Usman a present.

It’s a shirt … one custom-printed with their photo on it. She wears his face all of the time. Now it’s his turn.

Usman was, by this point, ready to get down to business.

In addition to “yammy,” they share a number of other euphemisms for sex.

But before any “African ingredient” went into anyone (yes, that’s one of their euphemisms), it was time to eat.


Kimberly and Usman fell asleep without a single pipe being laid.

There will be time for that in the days ahead. Unless it all goes sideways.

Before Kimberly meets his family (who live elsewhere in Nigeria), she wants some questions answered.

First, we heard her ask Usman where Wife #2 will live.

This ignited an argument when Kimberly explained that she was disinterested in even seeing this hypothetical woman.

Usman asked why she was feeling so competitive with this potential spouse.

“Come on, you sharing the same dick,” Usman told her at one point.

One imagines that he might better understand if Kimberly were getting yammy from a second man, right?

Usman wondered why Kimberly was “causing problems.” But she pointed out that she just asked one simple question.

If they are struggling like this, how will they fare around his family?

Does this relationship have any hope? Should any of us hope that they work things out?