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On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7, Episode 3, an old villain makes a return.

Angela is back. She’s suspicious of Michael — and has her eyes on a new man.

Bilal is giving Shaeeda the silent treatment after her dispute with Shahidah. When he does speak, it’s to lecture her.

Ed has Liz so wrapped around his finger that she’s introducing him to wary friends. Of course, Ed takes the first opportunity to remind her exactly who he is.

Jenny and a newly disowned Sumit have a lot of emotions to process.

Jovi and Yara meet Miss Gwen on neutral ground, where their goal is to make amends. But there are clearly dark clouds on the horizon.

Kimberly flies out to Nigeria to see Usman, who is ready to marry her … but unsure if he’s willing to kiss her in public.