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In the five days since Queen Elizabeth II passed away, the story has been covered by just about every media outlet on the planet from just about every angle imaginable.

Naturally, there’s been much focus on the Queen’s final moments and the profound impact that her death has had upon her family.

In particular, a great deal of coverage has been devoted to the question of which family members were able to make it to Balmoral to pay their last respects to the Queen before she passed away.

Sadly, accounts concur that Prince Harry arrived in Scotland too late to say goodbye to his beloved grandmother.

Liz, Meghan, Harry
Harry and Meghan by the Queen’s side during a royal engagement. (Photo via Getty)

But there’s widespread disagreement with regard to why Harry didn’t make it in time.

And naturally, many tabloid outlets have been twisting themselves into knots in search of a way to blame the situation on Meghan.

According to a new report from In Touch, Harry is “full of sorrow and regret about not saying ‘goodbye.’”

Harry, Meghan, William, and Kate mourn the Queen at Windsor Castle.(Photo via Getty Images)

“Harry is guilt-stricken,” an insider told the outlet on Friday, September 9.

“They met up a couple of times during the Platinum Jubilee, but he by no means expected it to be the last time he saw her.”

The source notes that Harry “loved his grandmother with all his heart and is going through a terrible time right now.”

Meghan, Harry, Elizabeth
Meghan with Harry and the Queen. (Photo via Getty)

Making matters worse is the claim that Harry’s family broke with royal protocol by announcing the Queen’s death before he had arrived at Balmoral, instead of waiting until the entire family was together.

“Emotions are running high right now, and Harry was hoping his family would wait,” said the source, adding that in the weeks to come, the public will “be seeing [the family] unite in public, but behind closed doors, there remains underlying tension.”

Naturally, several of the more shameless outlets have pointed the finger at Meghan and alleged that it’s her fault that Harry didn’t make it to the Queen’s bedside in time.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make an appearance at the UN.(Photo via Getty)

“Harry missed seeing queen amid confusion about Meghan’s travel plans, reports she wouldn’t be ‘welcome’” reads a headline from San Jose newspaper the Mercury News.

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell corroborated the claim that there were fears about how Meghan would be received at Balmoral, and those concerns might have prevented Harry from making the trip in a timely fashion.

“She might not be terribly warmly welcomed, to be perfectly candid about it,” Witchell said, per the Daily Mail.

Meghan & Harry at the Jubilee
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this week. And it seems that not everyone in the crowd was thrilled to see the Sussexes. (Photo via Getty)

Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl offered a more nuanced take in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, claiming that the royal family “wanted Prince Harry to be there,” but refused an invitation to Meghan, thus putting Harry in a very tough spot.

A different report from the Daily Mail insists that Meghan was invited, and was all set to make the trip — but she changed her mind upon learning that Kate Middleton would be remaining in London to look after her children.

The tabloid alleges that Meghan didn’t want to look like the less committed mother, and that her indecision on whether or not to make the trip might have cost Harry the opportunity to say goodbye to his grandmother.

The Hollywood Gossip Logo
King Charles new role could dramatically impact his relationship with his sons. And many believe he might use his new power to send a message to Harry. (Photo via Getty)

In all likelihood, we’ll never know exactly how the situation played out.

But there’s a cruel irony in the fact that the media is using the death of a woman who so greatly valued family, honor, and duty as an opportunity to bash her grieving family and attack her grandson’s sense of honor and duty.

There have been hopes, bolstered by Charles’ first speech as king, that the death of the Queen will help to heal the divides that have plagued the family in recent years.

But clearly, it will do little to discourage the international tabloid press from its constant harassment of Harry and Meghan.