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Now that The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 3 has begun, we are finally seeing the changed dynamics.

The weirdest shock of the premiere came from the ex nihil “friendship” between Jen Shah and Meredith Marks.

Eight months earlier, they were screaming at each other. Now they’re suddenly joined at the hip?

Lisa Barlow isn’t buying it.

This week, Lisa Barlow spoke on Us Weekly‘s Getting Real With The Housewives podcast.

“The irony of that. I mean, it’s kind of gross,” she expressed.

Lisa is disgusted “because it’s like I spent all last year, a year-and-a-half saying, ‘Please make up, please be friends.'”

She recalled “being the go-between, trying to help it out.”

Lisa noted: “I’m like, ‘You can forgive all of this, like your family being terrorized.'”

She went on: “‘Brooks being terrorized online, you can forgive everything and then act like it didn’t happen.’”

“They tried to rewrite history,” Lisa then characterized.

Simply put, Meredith and Jen were enemies and rivals for a long time.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Meredith were friends for nearly a decade before joining the show. What changed?

Lisa Barlow Rants: Meredith is a Broke Cheater Who Doesn't Own a House!!

Oh, right. The hot mic moment.

The two had a major falling out when Lisa’s unhinged and bitter rant about her ended up going viral.

Apparently, calling your friend a “f–king whore” who has slept with “half of New York” did some lasting damage.

“They literally took that hot mic moment and clung to it,” Lisa complained.

“And,” she characterized, “it was like rewriting history.”

Lisa then commented: “I’m like, ‘This is not normal. This is not okay.'”

“It’s complete faux, fake, fraud, all those things,,” Lisa characterized.

She added that “it is literally ridiculous.”

That said, Lisa insists that she takes “full responsibility” for the “horrible things” that she said about Meredith.

Of course, just as Lisa complained on the premiere about eating “humble pie,” it sounds like she feels like enough is enough.

She said on the podcast that she has “apologized like 22 times.”

Lisa says that she and Meredith are actually in a “good place” now … but not when Bravo filmed Season 3.

On the premiere, Meredith did more than just act like best buds with Jen Shah. Though that was weird enough already.

Meredith also repeated a rumor that Lisa was “doing favors” to promote her tequila brand.

That is the kind of goofy rumor that a 15-year-old might spread. But it hurt.

Lisa Barlow Screams at Meredith Marks: You're a Liar and a TERRIBLE Friend!!

“I make amazing tequila,” Lisa insisted. “Vida tequila is amazing and I don’t need to sleep with people to sell it.”

She plugged: “It sells on its own because it’s a highly rated, highly regarded, beautiful product.”

Lisa went on: “and we’ve been in business for 17 years. That allegation is just ridiculous.”

Lisa Barlow on Stage

It does seem to be an absurd allegation on its face. More salacious than real scandals, like Jen’s and Mary’s.

But perhaps it is a symptom of how much Lisa has alienated some of her former friends.

Being dramatic and messy is part of being a Real Housewife, but Lisa sometimes takes things to unnecessary extremes. She is not alone, though.