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For the past several weeks, Teen Mom fans have been obsessing over the possibility that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her fifth child.

Kail isn’t even on Teen Mom 2 anymore, but she remains a popular topic of fascination on TikTok and Instagram, where fans have been dissecting her every post in search of clues.

If Lowry is knocked up, she’s doing a pretty great job of hiding it.

Don’t tell that to the amateur online sleuths who think they’ve uncovered dozens of clues on her socials.

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Kail seems frustrated by all the recent pregnancy rumors. (Photo via Instagram)

Yes, everything from the angle of Kail’s selfies to the content of her captions has been torn apart and placed under a microscope.

The results have been inconclusive, but thousands remain convinced that an announcement is coming any day now.

Maybe they’re right — or maybe they just have way too much time on their hands.

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Kailyn Lowry is looking away from the camera in her latest Instagram pic. And fans think that’s a very important detail. (Photo via Instagram)

Whatever the case, the detectives are on the case again, thanks to Kail’s new vacation pics.

And according to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, commenters believe Lowry’s latest photo offers “the biggest clue yet” that she’s expecting.


“I was trying to be an influencer in the wild but my kids kept photobombing,” the former reality star captioned the pic above.

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Fans think Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her fifth child. (Photo via Instagram)

Now, as you may have noticed, neither the photo nor the caption provide any clear clues with regard to whether or not Kail is expecting.

And some folks think that’s exactly what’s so interesting about them.

They believe that Lowry is turned away from the camera because she’s hiding a baby bump.

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Kail poses on a roof. (Photo via Instagram)

And they think the reason she keeps dodging the topic of her pregnancy is because — you guessed it! — she’s pregnant!

“Oh My God, Kailyn pics! Is she pregnant?” one fan recently wrote on Reddit.

“So every time there’s a rumor she may be pregnant it’s true. I’d put money on it that it’s true,” another observed.

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Kailyn Lowry is on the set of her podcast in this photo of the Teen Mom 2 cast member. (Photo via Instagram)

Now, this would be Kail’s fifth kid, so obviously she’s been pregnant for a good chunk of her time in the spotlight.

But it’s about the twentieth time that her followers have speculated that she’s pregnant.

So believing these reports every time they surface might not be the wisest policy.

Kailyn Lowry in 2022
Kailyn Lowry is pictured here on an episode of Teen Mom 2, courtesy of an installment that aired in 2022. (Photo via MTV)

As we’ve been saying from the start, it’s entirely possible that Kail has another bun in the oven.


We’ll even concede it’s a little suspicious that she has yet to speak out on the matter.

But the fact remains that until she confirms or denies, we just won’t know for sure.

And since she’s no longer a TV star, Kail might be able to keep this secret under wraps for a full nine months!