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Earlier this month, Jenelle Evans appeared on MTV for the first time since the network fired her back in 2019.

Jenelle made a brief cameo appearance at a party thrown by Briana DeJesus for the purpose of celebrating her recent legal victory over Briana DeJesus.

But while the purpose of the party might have been to talk trash about Bri, Jenelle could help herself from complaining about her chronically unemployed husband.

To the amusement of the other guests, Evans griped about David Eason contributing nothing financially and doing nothing around the house.

Of course, the scene was filmed in the days before Jenelle launched her OnlyFans account.

These days, the Easons seem to be more comfortable from a financial standpoint.

But it looks as though David still spends his days lazing around the land and sponging off of his wife.

David Eason Crying
Strange things are happening in the fetid swamp that Jenelle Evans and David Eason call home. And it seems recent events have driven David to tears.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported this week, Jenelle has made a new YouTube vlog entry with the goal of showing what she and David do while their kids are at school.

The answer, it probably won’t surprise you to learn, is a whole lot of nothing.

Granted, Jenelle probably has days when she strips down to take pics of her lady bits for the benefit of her subscribers, but on this particular day, the only thing she was interested in showing off was how little effort she puts into her life.

“It’s great, I don’t have to do no work!” Evans exclaimed when showing fans her new camera.

Coincidentally, that motto also describes Jenelle’s approach to adult life!

But for as lazy as she is, Jenelle is a full-blown Gary Vee-style grindset entrepreneur compared to her husband, who could probably lapse into a coma without anyone noticing.

Jenelle Evans just gave YouTube fans a look at her daily life. It turns out she hates work even more than we thought. (Photo via YouTube)

It wasn’t all that long ago that Jenelle and David got their kids taken away by CPS, so you’d think they wouldn’t take to YouTube to brag about the fact that they live like 30-something college students.

But it’s important to bear in mind that Jenelle’s not the brightest bulb, a fact that’s on full display in this video.

(Case in point: In her latest video, Evans talks about how she smoked weed on camera in Florida because “it’s legal there” … but recreational use has yet to be legalized in the Sunshine State.)

Jenelle opened up to fans in her latest YouTube vlog. (Photo via YouTube)

The YouTube video was shot before Jenelle’s Teen Mom episode aired, and it seems she was aware that her complaints about David wouldn’t be well-received by the dude.

“Of course, MTV is going to try to hype it up, that’s a given!” Evans complained.

She went on to reveal that she was not paid for her cameo performance, but she says that’s okay, because she doesn’t need the money anyway!

Jenelkle advertises her OnlyFans page. (Image via TikTok)

“I’m not desperate for money, I’m not broke,” Jenelle says. “I’m doing juuuuust fine.”

We guess that’s true for now, but if her OnlyFans subscribership numbers drop, Jenelle might find herself wishing that she hadn’t burned bridges with MTV.

Or at least that she’d put more pressure on David to get a job!