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David Eason has always been the butt of a lot of jokes.

And the man definitely deserves all of the criticism that he receives.

He’s probably used to it by now, but even after several years of building up emotional callouses, the latest round of Dave-bashing must have been especially painful.

After all, the calls were coming from inside the house.

David Eason Crying
Strange things are happening in the fetid swamp that Jenelle Evans and David Eason call home. And it seems recent events have driven David to tears. (Photo via Instagram)

After being fired from the franchise back in 2019, Jenelle made an appearance on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter when she showed up at Briana DeJesus’ anti-Kailyn Lowry party.

The purpose of the party may have been to bash Kail, but Jenelle started unloading on David pretty much from the moment she walked through the door.

“We haven’t been getting along lately. It’s just on and off, and it’s just the fact that – I don’t care if I share this with any of you,” she told the other moms.

Jenelle Is Down With the Sickness
Jenelle Evans claims she’s chronically ill with a number of different conditions. However, many of her fans believe she’s lying. (Photo via Instagram)

“But it’s just the facts. You know – everyone knows – he doesn’t have a job,” Evans continued.

“And it’s like, I’m sitting here providing for everyone for years, and it’s still the same way.”

Jenelle added that David’s chronic lack of employment has put a serious strain on their marriage.

Jenelle Evans and Her Forehead
Hi there, Jenelle Evans! This is a screen grab we took from a video she shared on social media. (Photo via Inastagram)

“I’m so fed up, and I’ve been giving him, like, the cold shoulder, not really talking to him,” she told the other moms.

“We, like, text to talk now. And he’ll be on the other side of my land, in his shop.”

Jenelle added that in addition to his refusal to get a paying job, David does nothing around the house.


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“[My daughter] Ensley’s home with me 24/7. She doesn’t start school – she’s not in daycare, so she stays with me all the time, and I’ve been telling David, like, I need a break,” Evans complained.

“I needed to get away.”

For obvious reasons, fans have been speculating that Jenelle and David might be on the verge of separating (again).

Jenelle Evans is addressing rumors that she and David Eason are separated. Evans recently complained about Eason’s lack of employment. (Photo via TikTok)

But Evans subtly dismissed those rumors in a recent TikTok video, in which she made certain that her wedding ring was on full display.

“She keeps that ring in the frame, and so help me, I swear this is the real reason for this ‘A lot of you have been asking me…’ video,” one person commented on the clip, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“This was to show she is wearing her ring again,” another added.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage
Jenelle and David are still married … but are they happy? (Photo via Instagram)

“She has been wearing it for a while. In her recent YouTube video, she talked briefly about the MTV appearance. She was not wearing any ring at all,” a third chimed in.

“They probably had a few days of intense arguing and are good just for the moment,” another added.

“After calling David a deadbeat on MTV, she shows her loyalty by wearing her ring,” yet another remarked.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020
David Eason and Jenelle Evans are still together for some reason. (Photo via Instagram)

You get the idea.

Jenelle might have successfully conveyed that she and David are still together.

But no one is buying that these two are actually happy with one another.