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On this season of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, Carlos Jimenez and DeJuan VaLentine’s love story played out on screen.

The 90 Day Fiance spinoff actually made franchise history with LGBTQ+ rep.

And Carlos, at least, has a new superfan. From another TLC reality series, no less.

What exactly do Shekeb’s comments mean? Will the I Love A Mama’s Boy star’s mom like Carlos any more than she likes Emily?

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Carlos Jimenez is anxious about coming out to his remaining family.

The story of De Juan “VaLentine” and Carlos Jimenez drew nearly as many comments as VaLentine’s hairline.

They had an international gay romance. One of them had to come out to his family.

Also, the topic of polyamory arose during the season. VaLentine is a fan of plural relationships.

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Carlos Jimenez and boyfriend De Juan VaLentine enjoy coconut drinks outdoors.

It is worth noting that Carlos found accepting VaLentine’s ideas about polyamory to be a challenge.

Monogamy isn’t for everyone, but neither is polyamory. Neither are relationships in general, for that matter.

This is an important conversation for many people to have with their significant others. Most just don’t do it on camera.

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Carlos Jimenez remembers his late grandmother, who passed away one year ago.

Meanwhile, Carlos underwent a lot of personal growth by coming out to his family.

Having lost beloved relatives, he was extra sensitive about losing his family’s love.

For Carlos, coming out to his sister was a huge deal this season. Viewers were, of course, cheering him on the whole time.

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Carlos Jimenez and De Juan VaLentine walk and talk with their drinks.

But, the two ended up in a very good place by the end of their season.

VaLentine proposed to Carlos. Then, he returned to Los Angeles.

His goal was simple: to apply for the K-1 visa to bring Carlos to live with him in the United States as his husband.

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Carlos Jimenez explains why he is so anxious about coming out.

Carlos is now playing the waiting game. K-1 visas can take many months, or even years.

Of course, his social media followers are getting to anjoy a whole bunch of post-workout thirst traps in the mean time.

Commenters love going bananas over a hot bod. But one name stands out above the rest.

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Instagram account and reality TV blogger merrypants captured some eye-opening screenshots.

One of the commenters who seems to be barking up Carlos’ tree is Shekeb Sekander.

He is one of the titular mama’s boys from I Love A Mama’s Boy. Famously, mom Laila loathes his fiancee, Emily Chu.

For three seasons, viewers — many of whom also watch 90 Day Fiance — have observed Laila’s intense meddling.

Convinced that Emily is “crazy,” Laila has even introduced Shekeb to another woman.

But in these comments, both this woman and Emily seem to be the furthest things from Shekeb’s mind.

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Shekeb has showered Carlos’ Instagram with likes. But he went above and beyond on an ab-tastic thirst trap.

He quipped: “I’ve watched something online that resembled this. I was scared to swipe.”

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which likes are thirst and which are just “nice gym bod, bro!” But that comment seems flirty. What will VaLentine say? What will Laila?