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While the notorious Farrah Abraham may “joke” about CPS, a lot of folks on social media aren’t laughing.

Yes, Sophia is a young teenager and seems to be her own person despite having Farrah for a mom.

But the choices that Farrah continues to make for her daughter — the business choices in particular — are unnerving.

Sophia’s official social media accounts offer paid subscription options, including DMs with adult strangers. Is this okay? Is it even legal?

Yes, that is Sophia Abraham appearing in a video on TikTok.

(The video did not stay there; it circulated around social media, including Instagram and Reddit)

In the test, she promotes her “subscriber feed” and advertises a giveaway to devoted, paying followers.

Farrah Abraham has taken a lot of flak for “clubbing” with her daughter. But for once, concerns about Farrah’s parenting are unfounded. (Instagram)

It is extremely normal, in many cases even healthy, for a 13-year-old to use social media.

Like using AIM for Millennials of that age or talking on the phone for Gen X, it’s simply how they speak with friends. It’s how they engage with the world.

But most 13-year-olds are not the children of infamous reality TV villains.

Farrah Abraham with Sophia Abraham "it's Facebook official" 13th birthday

Unlike normal 13-year-olds, Sophia has well over 800k followers — almost all of whom are adults.

And that’s just on Instagram.

There is always some discomfort when a girl that young is under the eye of so many adults.

Farrah and Sophia Hit the Links
With the help of her daughter, Sophia, Farrah Abraham is attempting to re-brand herself as a role model to young women. Needless to say, it’s not going well.

Normally, however, scions of celebrity families remain safely out of the reach of crazed fans and creeps alike.

But Farrah isn’t just serving Sophia up on a silver platter.

She is actively selling access to Sophia. The subscriber model, the private messages? That’s a horror.

Farrah on Sophia's Birthday
Farrah Abraham announced that she’ll be checking into rehab soon. But first, she’s spending time celebrating daughter Sophia’s 13th birthday.

Many people across social media are now voicing their concerns that Sophia is actively unsafe.

No matter how friendly the conversation may seem, predatory adults can be manipulative and sinister.

One needn’t look into studies. Ask almost any woman on social media how she feels about random DMs.

Farrah and Sophia on a Yacht
Farrah is using her daughter to help her harvest internet rage clicks. This week, she took the 12-year-old to a very adult yacht party.

“IS this legal? She is not a celebrity. She’s a child!” asked a poster on Reddit.

Another noted: “Farrah has been selling DMs with Sophia since she was like 7. The sad reality is that Farrah is grooming her daughter publicly.”

“She hasn’t been able to be a child since, well, ever,” another commenter lamented. “She’s had to meet her own emotional needs her whole life.”

Farrah and Sophia In Alaska
Farrah Abraham is currently in Alaska for some reason. Thankfully, she brought her daughter along for the trip.

A redditor confirmed that, as a parent, “The age would be a big no no for me.”

“Yeah it’s def going to attract pedos… to promise private messages,” another worried.

That commenter then added: “I would neverrrr let my child.”

Farrah Abraham Drags Sophia to Pro-Trump Superspreader Event, Bans Critical Comments

“Farrah has been advertising DMs with Sophia for yeeeeears,” one commenter recalled.

Another chimed in: “The girl was born into exploitation and has no one to get her out of it.”

It is certainly true that Farrah has been using Sophia’s name, face, photos, and more for business for years.

Sophia Abraham Advertises Scooters
Sophia Abraham was enlisted by her terrible mother to push scooters in a giveaway in a video on social media.

So … what is really happening here? As you saw, some commenters questioned the legality of all of this.

We are sorry to say that, short of signing up Sophia for an adults-only platform, Farrah has very few restrictions on her.

The sad fact of American law is that children have few rights without parental advocacy. Farrah has few limits in how she can use Sophia’s brand while she’s a minor.

Farrah Abraham Gets Angry
Farrah Abraham has walked away from the Teen Mom universe. We won’t miss her at all.

The best case scenario for all of this is that Sophia is not actually involved in any of this dystopian nonsense.

Farrah or a social media manager (perhaps one who lacks Farrah’s word salad tendencies) could manage the DMs and account.

It might sound like Farrah is allegedly defrauding people in this way, but it’s certainly better than endangering Sophia.