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Farrah Abraham has moved on from alleged animal abuse to alleged child abuse.

Kind of. Sort of.

A couple weeks after the former Teen Mom star garnered backlash for her treatment of a horse, Abraham is now under fire for the treatment of her daughter.

Yes, again.

Farrah Abraham holds a tortilla in her hand in this TikTok image, as she stands alongside her teenage daughter.

In a TikTok video the ex-MTV personality uploaded on Monday, Farrah is in the kitchen with her 13-year old, Sophia.

The mother and daughter — who, one might say, have long had a very unusual relationship — then decide to delve into the viral Tortilla Trend, which we’re depressed to report is an actual thing.

The premise of the trend sees TikTok users fill their mouths with water and try to slap each other in the face with tortillas.

We have no idea how this became a popular trend, but that’s often the way social media goes.

Farrah, therefore, did go ahead and slap her daughter across the face with the tortilla you see above.

“So good to have @sophialabraham back home from camp (dont call ☎️ cps on me),” Abraham captioned her post.

CPS is the acronym for Child Protective Services.

Farrah is obviously joking here, but fellow former Teen Mom Jenelle Evans actually did have CPS called on her a couple years ago and actually did lose custody of her kids for about a month.

This is a pretty sensitive and serious issue.

Abraham donned a white tank top and shiny silver pants for the video, while her daughter wore a graphic tee paired with several chains around her neck.

“I almost drowned in myself with that water,” the reality TV star quipped. “I’m not a swimmer.”

She concluded the clip as follows:

“I don’t want to get in trouble for child abuse,” before the pair began hitting each other with tortillas.

Previously, Abraham was accused of going clubbing with Sophia and even drinking with her.

She’s often faced criticism when it comes to her behavior around her young child.

And while this video was all in good fun, Abraham is still facing jail time over a nightclub brawl earlier this year.

The Teen Mom: Family Reunion star pleaded not guilty to a battery charge in June… and faces a max sentence of six months in prison if convicted, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office told Page Six.

Farrah Abraham Video Selfie
Photo via Instagram

During the Jan. 16 incident at Grandmaster Records in Los Angeles, Abraham allegedly slapped a security guard during a night out with a friend.

An eyewitness claimed the former reality star was asked to leave the club because she was acting belligerent, yet she refused.

Farrah, naturally, has denied this allegation and has ranted and raved about being set up.