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Catelynn Lowell has been in the spotlight for nearly half her life.

So longtime fans of the Teen Mom franchise might think they know just about everything there is to know about Cate.

That’s one reason that so many were shocked when Lowell posed for a photo of her sister Amber earlier this week.

Apparently, lots of folks didn’t even realize Cate had a sister!

Catelynn on Insta
Looking great, Catelynn! Tyler Baltierra shared this lovely photo of his wife on Instagram in late 2021. (Photo via Instagram)

Additionally, many were shocked by the appearance of this mystery sibling.

We know what you’re thinking — usually when social media users feel the need to comment on a strangers’ looks, it’s a very, very bad thing.

But in a refreshing change of pace, the remarks about Cate’s sister were 100 percent complimentary!

Catelynn Lowell posed for a pic with her sister Amber. And many fans were surprised by the photo! (Photo via Instagram)

The photo above, which shows Catelynn smiling alongside her 31-year-old sis Amber — was posted by the girls’ father, David Lowell.

Appropriately, he captioned it merely, “Daughters.”

“The sister is very pretty. They both have a similar smile. This is so sweet,” one person commented on the pic, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

Catelynn Lowell laughs during an episode of Teen Mom OG. (Photo via MTV)

“Cute pic! Same smiles,” another user wrote.

“Amber is so beautiful,” a third chimed in.

Yes, folks, what you’re witnessing here is a truly rare occurrence in 2022:

Catelynn and Tyler have been through a lot together. (Photo via Instagram)

A person who previously made an effort to protect their privacy decided to let their guard down on social media, and they didn’t wind up regretting it (at least not yet)!

We doubt that Amber will start making regular appearances on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, but her first experience as a public figure appears to have gone swimmingly!

As some fans pointed out, Cate’s husband Tyler Baltierra also has a sister named Amber, which is just one of the many ways in which the couple’s families are connected.

Tyler and Catelynn on Air
Tyler and Catelynn may be the most stable couple in the Teen Mom universe. We’re big fans of theirs. (Photo via Instagram)

As you may recall, Catelynn’s mother, April, was married to Tyler’s father, Butch, for four years.

The couple separated in 2013, and sadly, Tyler’s dad has since fallen on hard times.

Back in June, Butch was arrested in Michigan on charges of charge of OUI (Operating Under the Influence).

Butch Baltierra mug
One of Butch Baltierra’s many mug shots.

Butch has battled addiction and legal troubles for several years, and Tyler has been quite open about his father’s difficulties.

In fact, both he and Catelynn have spoken candidly about their families, which is one reason that fans were so surprised to learn that Cate has a third sibling they were unaware of.

But hey — if Amber wanted her privacy then Catelynn deserves credit for helping her protect it all of these years.

It couldn’t have been easy!