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Before Angela Deem flew out to Nigeria to tear up Michael Ilesanmi’s car in a public temper tantrum, she introduced her new friend.

Rene is clearly a kindred spirit — which is not a compliment. But didn’t Angela film with another friend?

JoJo witnessed Angela’s 2020 wedding in Nigeria. She helped Angela recover from surgery in Vegas.

Where is she? What happened?

We will, of course, start with Rene Smith’s introduction to 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers.

Angela Deem was busy packing her bags on Season 7, Episode 5.

This is when Rene entered the picture, appearing on camera to chat with Angela while she prepared to go see Michael.

Angela had married Michael in Nigeria two years prior, in February of 2020. She had not been back since.

This time, Rene will fly out with her on the trip. The two became friends after meeting in an airport.

Apparently, Angela smelled cigarette smoke on Rene and knew her to be a kindred spirit. Together, the two grossly violated airport rules by smoking together in a bathroom.

Angela shared her upcoming wardrobe, including some (what we will generously call) “sexy” attire.

She explained how eager she was to flaunt her dramatic weight loss and impossible-to-miss body transformation.

Specifically, Angela wanted to impress Michael. She wants that man dickmatized by her new body. Because, over long distance, he has not acted impressed.

Angela felt similarly unimpressed with Michael’s social media activity. Namely, that he had any.

Michael had told her that he was going to keep his Instagram up unless she paid him a $5,000 bribe.

Viewers are divided over whether this is money that she owes him or not. But no one thinks that this is a healthy marriage.

Speaking of this marriage’s toxicity, Angela’s “visit” to Michael is actually more of an ambush.

She told Rene that he had no idea that she was flying out to catch him off guard.

Her plan, she explained, was to snatch his phone and read through it. Awful woman, awful marriage.

Angela gloated to Rene that she had researched marriage laws in Nigeria.

She told her that, apparently, Michael’s property was also hers.

This means that Angela expected that she could snatch his phone, tow his car, or worse with total impunity.

Brimming with ill intent, Angela boarded her flight and headed to Nigeria.

However, the preview for Season 7, Episode 6 showed Angela and Rene in Nigeria.

There, Angela harassed and taunted Michael before she began trashing his car. The violence, she hopes, will force him outside.

First up, who is Rene Smith?

Starcasm reports that she is the owner of D&R Barber & Nail Shop in Union City, California.

As she detailed to the camera, she and Angela met in an airport. Water finding its own level, apparently.

Angela Deem friend JoJo comments on how no one controls Angela

But whatever happened to JoJo?

In 2020, she witnessed Angela’s wedding to Michael. She flew all the way out to Nigeria to do so.

Remember, at that time, not one member of Angela’s family was willing to do that much for her.

Michael Ilesanmi - thank you so much, Jojo

JoJo did more than that.

When Angela began to undergo rounds of painful cosmetic procedures, JoJo accompanied her again.

This time, she flew out to see her in Vegas and stayed with her in her hotel to help her walk and eat during recovery.

Jojo helps Angela Deem up after surgery

But late last year, Angela and JoJo had a nasty falling out, with Angela screeching insults at her former friend.

What happened? Apparently, JoJo was too enthusiastic upon meeting Debbie Johnson, a better-liked 90 Day Fiance cast member.

Angela, driven by jealousy or whatever motivates her twisted mind, was furious. Their friendship is over. We’re glad that JoJo got out of that.