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It turns out that Angela Deem’s infamous temper isn’t only reserved for castmates, family, and her husband.

The feud with Angela’s former friend JoJo is intense, and JoJo recently came forward to explain how it started.

Now, the ill-behaved 90 Day Fiance villain is hitting back.

She calls JoJo a "habitual liar" and "psychotic," and a user.

In response to JoJo’s recent post, Angela Deem went on a rant on Instagram Live.

"Listen, you don’t want this," she declared. "You don’t want this."

"JoJo’s a habitual liar," Angela then accused.

"I’m gonna say it one time, and that’s the last time you’ll hear it," Angela claimed. "A habitual freaking liar."

She continued: "JoJo got paid for everything she done."

"She harassed TLC constantly," Angela alleged, addressing Michael to ask: "Did she not, honey?"

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"So, get your facts straight," Angela demanded, "and don’t come on our lives."

She, of all people, then had the gall to say: "We want positive energy."

Angela continued: "We don’t want psychotic… I used JoJo. JoJo used y’all."

"I don’t speak about her, but you gonna keep on bringing it to our attention?" Angela challenged.

"Me and Michael don’t give a damn about JoJo," she insisted.

"Every time JoJo was supposed to go to Nigeria?" Angela recalled. "She was supposed to stay a week. She stayed two days."

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"California, my surgery? She was supposed to stay a week? She stayed two days," Angela accused. "Filming."

"Shame on y’all to believe such absurd s–t," she scolded.

"But, you know, the devil walks strong nowadays, and I’m a God believer," Angela weirdly commented. "God bless you. God bless you, JoJo."

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If you missed the feud, we all got to know JoJo across multiple seasons of Angela and Michael’s storyline.

Angela married Michael in Nigeria, where her own family declined to come out and witness the union.

But JoJo was willing — she hopped onto a plane and flew out to be there for Angela.

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Then, JoJo was there for Angela after her series of cosmetic and weight loss surgeries.

Whether she was there for two days or for twenty, she was there — and she wasn’t just emotional support.

JoJo helped Angela drink her broth and sit up, tolerating her foul mood and her unjustifiable in-hotel smoking with a polite smile.

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JoJo also acted as the in-between for Michael and Angela.

When Angela was too sore to speak and was sleeping to recover, JoJo kept Michael up to date.

She called her friend’s husband to make sure that he knew that Angela was okay.

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This summer, Angela headed out to Las Vegas because, whether the rest of us like it or not, she is a genuine celebrity these days.

JoJo tagged along for the trip.

We even saw Angela meet up with 90 Day Fiance legend Debbie Johnson, mother of Colt.

Apparently, this is when there was a total breakdown between JoJo and Angela.

According to JoJo, Angela turned on her, snapping at her and cussing her out, kicking her out of their shared hotel room.

Debbie has shown JoJo more emotional support on social media than Angela has, even though they met much more recently.

None of us know exactly what happened, but we can use our judgment to guess who is being truthful: Angela or JoJo?

We don’t doubt that JoJo has an interest in being famous and on television — with rare exceptions, that describes everyone on reality TV.

But Angela’s abhorrent behavior makes it easy to believe that she would act irrationally and turn feral on a friend. We’ve seen her act that way on TV many times.