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Never say never, folks.

This classic saying can be applied to many aspects of life — including, we can now verify, a daughter making up with her father… even after telling the world that this father threatened to release a sex tape she made with an ex-lover.

Yes, this really transpired between Lindsie Chrisley and Todd Chrisley.

Yes, the former really claimed in 2019 that her own parent tried to extort her recorded bedroom escapades unless she testified on his behalf in an ongoing tax fraud indictment.

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As you might expect, Lindsie said in the wake of this ordeal that she would never make up with Todd.

“I think that the most that anyone could ask for at this point is for everyone to go on with their lives as they see fit and to just leave the other side alone,” she told Entertainment Tonight 11 months ago, adding of her and her infamous dad:

“But at this point, there will be no chance for reconciliation.”

A lot can change in nearly a year, however.

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Specifically, back on June 7, Todd and wife Julie were convicted on the aforementioned tax evasion charge, along with other charges related to financial fraud.

They will be sentenced on October 6 and face many years in prison.

“The verdict is not what I had hoped or prayed for, and I am deeply saddened for myself, my son and my family as a whole,” Lindsie said in a statement after the news broke.

She has said a lot more now, however.

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On the latest episode of Lindsey’s “The Southern Tea” podcast, Lindsie said she’s now on good terms with Todd — but not for the reason you may think.

“I can confidentially tell you there was no reconnection due to any legal reasons whatsoever. Nothing like that ever transpired,” she explained.


So father and daughter didn’t reconcile after the former was found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States and tax fraud in June 2022.

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Instead, Lindsie cites her July 2021 split from now-ex-husband Will as the basis for a newly-formed connection with her dad.

“After my divorce stuff had become public my dad had posted, ‘I’m here, I love you, whatever’s going on in your life right now I see it.

“‘I’m working things out for the good for you. My child, there is nothing that you can do or have done that would make me love you less,'” Lindsie recalled on the podcast.

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Lindsie elaborated, relaying the following words from her dad last year as well:

I will try to protect you from anything and anyone who tries to harm you or your reputation. I’m stronger than depression and anxiety and braver than loneliness, and nothing will ever exhaust me.

I promise you I will never leave you nor forsake you. I’m breathing a new wind into you and over you right now. Look for the favor and blessings that I’m sending you in this season your way because they are from me.

I love you so much.

Explained Lindsie to listeners:

“So, that’s really more so how we were able to reconnect.

“So to answer that question in short it was definitely because of my divorce.”

In the past, Todd also sounded bitter about the whole blackmail accusation, claiming he never threatened to release any X-rated footage.

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“She’s our daughter, and I will tell you that the anger was there for a long time,” Todd told Entertainment Tonight last year.

He said that Lindsie concocted the story to gain social media followers and added:

“Revenge and anger belongs to the devil, so I walked with the devil.

“I danced with the devil there for a minute.”