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Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley have been dating for about a year now.

But it seems like they’ve been together a lot longer, doesn’t it?

That’s probably because these two have been moving quickly from the very beginning, zipping past the usual relationship milestones at breakneck speed.

Back in April, Jaylan bought Leah a house, and ever since, there have been rumors that the two of them engaged, married, pregnant, etc.

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Jaylan Mobley surprised Leah Messer by buying her a freakin’ house! Now, THAT’S a present! (Photo via Instagram)

Neither Leah nor Jaylan has confirmed the marriage or pregnancy reports, and some fans think the couple’s silence speaks volumes.

And then there are the clues that the couple (intentionally?) leaves strewn across their social media pages.

Leah touches her stomach in an Instagram video and fans take it as a clue that she’s newly pregnant.

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Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley have been dating for several months now. (Photo via Instagram)

She wears loose-fitting clothing, and fans assume that she’s several months along, etc.

The latest “evidence” once again comes to us courtesy of Leah’s Instagram page.

She and Jaylan hit the town together during a recent trip to Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley posed for some Instagram pics this week. And fans now think the couple is secretly married. (Photo via Instagram)

At first glance there’s nothing unusual about the pics Messer posted.

But fans who dissected the images in search of clues noticed that Leah appears to be concealing the ring finger on her left hand.

“Her hand is blurred in two pics! What does it mean?” one commenter asked.

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Fans are convinced that Leah Messer is secretly married. (Photo via Instagram)

“Do I see a ring on ‘that’ finger?!?!” one person inquired on Reddit, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“I came searching the comments to see if anyone else noticed that,” another added.

“Watched a few times! Looks like she’s married! I see a wedding band and diamond,” a third commented, seemingly referring to a live video of Leah and Jaylan.

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Leah and Jaylan on vacation. (Photo via Instagram)

“Is that an engagement ring?” another curious fan inquired.

Others skipped right past the inquisitive stage and started offering their congratulations.

“I’m so happy for you Leah! Congrats! You deserve a good man and to be a happy, nice-looking family!” one such person commented.

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Leah and Jaylan seem very happy together. (Photo via Instagram)

Obviously, if Leah and Jalyan are married (and that’s a very big if) they wish to keep the big news a secret for the time being.

There could be any number of reasons for that.

Maybe Leah knows that fans will criticize her for moving too fast, or maybe she just wants to enjoy her newlywed without any outside interference.

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Leah and Jaylan enjoy a moment on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

Whatever the case, these two appear to have no interest in addressing the latest round of rumors.

And that might tell us all we need to know.

Sometimes, silence really does speak volumes.