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Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise had big news to share with fans … and other viewers.

Truth be told, they were not the main focus of the 90 Day Fiance Season 9 Tell All Part 1.

But we don’t have to wait for Part 2 for some key pieces of info.

Their marriage seems to be in a good place. Kobe has a job, allowing Emily to quit hers. Oh, and we got to see their baby girl!!

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Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise arrived at the Tell All knowing, more or less, how people feel about them.

The special filmed in June. Emily had seen the hate for weeks. She had also seen the thirsty DMs aimed at her husband.

Emily was feeling confident, however, and ready to clap back at her haters. Besides, she had good news to share.

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Shaun Robinson invited the cast to share which of them were pregnant. Kara and Thais are both due in November.

Despite some jokes, Emily is not expecting Baby #3. She and Kobe already welcomed their daughter.

For the first time, viewers saw their precious baby girl, Scarlet. She is too adorable for words.

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Additionally, they shared that Kobe now has his documents to work.

(Remember, the couples film at different times, sometimes marrying months apart. That’s why Kobe and Bini are ahead on their green card journeys)

He has a job as an asphalt tester, one that offers him plenty of flexibility for overtime to provide for his wife and children.

Emily was working while Season 9 was filming and before.

However, she has now been able to quit and devote herself to Koban and Scarlet as a full time mom.

The two gave the overall impression that they are in a much better place in their marriage than they were before.

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Kobe did jokingly point out that Emily is a jealous person. She was clearly not alone in that on the stage.

However, despite Kobe’s inbox being flooded by thirsty DMs from fans who wanted to take him from her, she doesn’t seem worried.

Part of that is communication. Another part is transparency, with Kobe telling her in detail about his day.

Kobe doesn’t just wear his heart on his sleeve. He also displays his affection for Emily on other garments.

Specificallly, the boxer-briefs that he — who worked for years as an international underwear model — wore to the Tell All.

At Shaun’s invitation, Kobe put it all on display for his castmates. The moment that followed was truly delightful.

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Kobe’s underwear was apparently so form-fitting that even streaming viewers only saw him from certain angles.

The entertainment and delight upon the faces looking upon him says all that we need to know, really.

That, and according to Jibri, “Bilal got jealous.” Presumably, he may have obscured Shaeeda’s gaze. If so, we did not really get to see that.

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Still, the show did not really focus upon Emily or Kobe very much during Part 1 of the Tell All.

We suspect that Part 2 will be different. They were one of the most talked-about couples this season. There is no shortage of material to discuss.

It will be interesting to hear what they have to say for themselves. And what their castmates have to add. Plus, Kenny and Tim’s reactions should be a lot of fun.