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Tosha Jones is no longer a reality TV star.

But that doesn’t mean she can’t make an impression on reality TV fans.

The stepmother of three appeared last year on Seeking Sister Wife, starring on the controversial TLC series alongside Sidian.

She stood out from other women on the program because Tosha was actually an original sister wife, joining Sidian’s previous marriage back when he and his then-spouse were seeking to expand their immediate family… 

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… and then ending up the last women standing, so to speak.

She andd Sidian spent their time on Season 3 trying to find their own third partner, only to end their run on the show as a twosome. They never did settle on a sister wife of their own.

The couple wasn’t asked back for Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, which premiered on June 10.

But that doesn’t mean they’re done making headlines.

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On Sunday, Tosha uploaded a trio of new photos to her Instagram page.

Each features the star in a bikini, and each was seemingly posted with a purpose.

"You know I do have the perfect summer body for me," wrote Jones to open an inspiring caption.

"It’s mine and I love it! I love my smile, my squishy bits, my cute curves, the parts that poke out more then they should and the dimples in my cheeks."

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Continuedd Tosha along these same lines:

"I’m happy with my weight and looks and really always have been. Sure I could always be fitter but I never sacrifice my mental space for what ifs or could have beens.

"And I will always wear what makes me happy at the beach even if that means blinding you all with my white winter belly with three coats of sunscreen on it.

"I love me.. just as I am each and every day."

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Jones ran into a bit of hot water after Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 wrapped up because we learned she had a criminal history.

At one point, Tosha was arrested on a charge of felony theft.

But she completed the terms of her probation and the charge was eventually dismissed.

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Tosha had stayed out of trouble ever since, and should now be applauded for her body positive post and message from the weekend.

She concluded:

"I will grow at my own pace and get fit if and when I want to.

"But this summer I’m wearing my Covid curves proudly and heck it sure feels good."