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When Leah Messer first started dating Jaylan Mobley, her fans were overjoyed.

After all, Leah has experienced some hard luck during her years in the spotlight, much of it in the romance department.

So people who had been rooting for her from the start were understandably thrilled when Jaylan first entered the picture.

Here was a thoughtful, responsible partner who seemed to adore Leah and her three daughters.

Leah and Jaylan's New House

Messer always uses social media to keep fans updated on the latest developments in her life, but she seemed to post even more often in the early months of her relationship with Mobley.

Back in April, Jaylan bought Leah a house, and the couple posted frequent updates as they commenced the long process of moving into the spacious, 3,000-square foot property.

But then the coupled-up posts suddenly stopped.

Leah and Jaylan Bought a House

Leah still posts fairly frequently (though not nearly as much as before), but these days, her content is mostly focused on herself or her children.

In fact, you’d have to go all the way back to May 3 to find a photo of Jaylan on her page.

Not surprisingly, fans on social media have taken note of this sudden change and many have speculated that there’s been trouble in Leah and Jaylan’s relationship.

"They went from posting professional photoshoots every other day to not having posted a photo together on Instagram since May 3rd. Theories about what’s going on?" one person wrote on Reddit, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

"It is weird they would suddenly not post for a month when they just moved into a new house together… I definitely think something is up," 

Yes, if you have any social media friends who recently bought a house, you know that even non-celebs post a lot when they’re feathering a new nest.

Leah, Jaylan

So Leah’s sudden reticence is a bit strange — but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she and Jaylan are having problems.

For months now, fans have been speculating that Leah is pregnant with Jaylan’s baby.

On Reddit, many fans think Leah has stepped away from Instagram because she’s hiding a bun in the oven.

Leah Messer and Jaylan

"I think she’s pregnant. They’re curating the announcement and photo shoots," one person wrote.

"She’s pregnant!" another exclaimed in response to that comment.

Obviously, fans are very excited by the possibility that Leah is expecting her fourth child, but it doesn’t appear that that’s the case.

Leah posted the photo above just a few hours ago, and unless she’s intentionally throwing us off the trail by posting old pics then she’s either not pregnant or very early in the process.

Of course, there could be other reasons that Leah is posting less often these days.

Specifically, her followers are often brutally mean, and she probably gets sick of all the negative comments.

Leah Messer & Jaylan Mobley on Instagram

Recently, they’ve been accusing her of using too many filters, heavily retouching her pics.

"Damn this doesn’t really look like Leah. I can’t tell if it’s due to the filter or those eyelashes," one fan wrote on a recent photo of Messer.

"Ugh, I have a friend who uses this filter constantly. Leah: we know what you look like and it’s not this!" another chimed in.

A third joked that Leah might be "feeling herself," but she certainly was not "looking herself."

So yeah, you can see why Leah might decide to step away from social media for a bit.

The negativity in her life is probably not coming from her relationship, but from the trolls who populate her comments section.