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It’s been a long six weeks, but the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial has finally come to an end.

The jury is currently deliberating, and a verdict is expected before the end of this week.

We’re sure both parties are grateful that the bitter courtroom battle is over, but the fact remains that only one side will emerge victorious.

Of course, no matter what the jury decides, the lives of the principal players have been forever changed by the events of the past six weeks, and that might be doubly true for Heard.

Amber Heard In Court
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We’ve spoken previously about why Heard is so hated on the internet.

It’s partially a result of recordings in which Heard admitted to hitting Depp during their relationship, but social media commentators haven’t been nearly as harsh in their evaluations of the evidence against Johnny.

No matter which outcome you’re personally rooting for, there’s no denying that most of the hate for Heard has little to do with the arguments that were presented in court, and much to do with prejudices that the haters held long before the trial began.

Some members of the anti-Heard contingent are just old school misogynists, while others seem to have come down on the side of Team Depp for more nuanced reasons.

Whatever the case, the threat to Amber’s safety is real, and it makes sense that she’s taken steps to protect herself and her young daughter.

But now, a controversial friend of the actress’ says that the media is destroying what little protection she enjoys by going overboard in their coverage of her new home.

Depp v Heard
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Scottish journalist Eve Barlow first rose to international prominence last year when her controversial anti-Palestinian views made her an overnight celebrity on Twitter — for all the wrong reasons.

These days, Barlow is Heard’s number one defender.

It’s been rumored that the women are dating, but neither party has confirmed those reports.

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Amber bought a home in Southern California’s Yucca Valley in 2019 (unlike some other outlets, that’s all we’ll be saying with regard to its location).

She didn’t move into the house until this year, and Barlow says it’s already unsafe for her there.

"It’s not an ‘escape home’ if mainstream media is posting it all over the internet," Barlow tweeted on Tuesday. "FFS [for f—‘s sake]." 

Amber Heard In the Courtroom
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"I don’t care who you believe or who you don’t believe, one person is subjected to global public vilification, incessant death threats and harassment, and it’s — once more — the fault of the public," Barlow wrote in a separate post on Tuesday.

"How dare you support mockery, violence + dehumanization of a woman you don’t know. Leave Amber alone," she continued.

The plea for safety comes as a seven-person jury in Farifax, Virginia continues to deliberate over Amber’s fate.

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"While you deliberate, ask yourselves why Mr. Depp would put himself through this, expose every embarrassing detail of his life on national television," Depp attorney Camille Vasquez said in her closing arguments.

"If he was guilty of anything, anything that Miss Heard accuses him of, we ask you, we implore you to render a verdict [for] Mr. Depp," Vasquez told the jury.

"We ask you to set the record straight that he is not the abuser she described and that she is not the heroic survivor she portrayed,"

Johnny Depp Outside the Courthouse
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"We’re asking you to finally hold this man responsible," Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft countered.

"He has never accepted responsibility for anything in his life."

Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, alleging that she irreparably damaged his career when she identified herself as a victim of domestic violence in a 2018 Washington Post essay.

Amber Heard Testifies
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Heard has filed a countersuit for $100 million.

The jury will not only decide the victor, but will also determine the appropriate amount for damages as well.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.