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Melissa Gorga is sorry.

Except… you know what? To be perfectlyy honest?

Melissa Gorga is not really sorry.

The long-time Real Housewives of New Jersey star has basically said so long to close friend Teresa Giudice, coming off a season during which Teresa blasted Melissa’s husband and also revealed Gorga would not be in her wedding party.

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice Selfie

Appearing this past Monday on the "Mention It All" podcast, Gorga delved into her fractured relationship with her famous sister-in-law, stating that she really did try to make things work for a number of years.

"I truly feel like I have hit every avenue," Gorga said, adding plainly over the way things transpired and devolved between the ex-pals:

"I have no guilt."

Joe Gorga — Melissa’s spouse and Teresa’s brother — got into a screaming match with Giudice on part three of the recent reunion special, with Teresa trashed her supposed loved one as a "bitch boy."

She went on to say he was "too involved" in the drama between the women, prompting Joe to storm off at one point and say he was quitting the show.

As far as Melissa is now concerned, she put in the effort to be cordial and to be a good friend… and this effort wasn’t reciprocated.

"It’s okay to say that we don’t have the best relationship," Melissa explained on the podcast.

"And I don’t feel guilty saying that because I tried really hard and know that I tried hard … for my in-laws and for Joe."

Several weeks ago, Teresa revealed that she didn’t want Melissa to stand as her maid of honor in her upcoming wedding.

Moreover, to add insult to Melissa’s injury, Teresa said she did ask her fiancé Luis Ruelas’s sisters to fill that role instead.

During the reunion, the in-laws made a pact to stop pretending to like one another, which Melissa said helps her feel "a little free."

Melissa, though, said on Monday, that she knew her bond with Giudice was destroyed after watching their interactions play back on Season 1 of The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip.

Teresa Giudice Ponders Life

Recalled Gorga on air:

“When I went back and watched Ultimate Girls Trip, I was watching some of the scenes they filmed Teresa and I together on the plane and we were in the car, and I remember looking at her and genuinely saying:

‘This is exciting that we get to do this together and this is something fun.

"We’ll have these memories that we did something fun for when we get older.’"


“She kind of just rolled her eyes and looked at me,” Melissa added. “Between that and watching [this] season [of The Real Housewives of New Jersey], I just feel like I tried and I’m good.”

Teresa has repeatedly accused Melissa of being disloyal over the years, citing her friendships with Giudice’s onscreen enemies, Margaret Josephs and Jackie Goldschneider.

Melissa, meanwhile, wouldn’t even mind it if Giudice left the program entirely.

“I do think that she’s come to a point where she doesn’t enjoy it anymore," Gorga said previously on The Wendy Willams Show, continuing as follows:

"And it’s very obvious that she doesn’t enjoy it…

"So I think that if it is making her unhappy and she has a guy who’s financially stable and they want to be happy, then she should do that.

"Why do this if you don’t need to?"