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Even though Teresa Giudice is never leaving RHONJ, her brother cannot say the same.

At the Reunion special, Joe and Tre got into such a heated conflict that Joe stormed off.

Even before that, things were nasty, with Teresa cruelly dismissing Melissa.

At one point, she skewered her brother, scolding him for getting "involved with girl s–t."

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There were times when Melissa Gorga acted as an extra parent to her four nieces when Teresa and Joe Giudice were having their "legal issues."

But to hear Tre tell it, she and Melissa are "not that close."

That animosity still pales beside how Teresa spoke about her own flesh and blood, however.

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“He’s a little too much involved, that’s all I’m saying,” Teresa said of Joe Gorga.

There was a strange undercurrent to this too that perhaps you can perceive in the clip — a hint of toxic masculinity, even.

It really feels like Teresa is accusing Joe of being a catty bish, so to speak, simply for engaging in conversations with and about the women in his family.

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Teresa insisted that she wasn’t singling out Joe, claiming that she would even tell her precious fiance Luis to "cool it" if he did the same.

Given that Tre has been acting anyone asking Luis a simple question as an act of war, that’s hard to believe.

However, her insistence that Joe butt out — when it’s his real life and also his reality TV job — took people aback, including Andy Cohen.

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The charming Reunion host came to Joe’s immediate defense.

“I love it that he’s involved and we invited him here," Andy reminded her.

“That’s fine," Teresa said insincerely, before jabbing: "It’s called ‘The Housewives.’”

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Kind of weird to hear an it’s called the Housewives argument from a woman who, like many in the franchise, is not currently an any-kind-of-wife.

Joe called out his sister: "That’s how you put me down. It’s terrible."

Andy also reminded Teresa that her ex-husband, Joe Giudice, also appeared on multiple Reunions back in the day.

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“With all the rest of the men," Teresa argued, "and Joe Giudice would not get involved with girl s–t.”

She added: “Sorry, he wouldn’t get involved.”

Is Teresa trying to, what, gatekeep reality TV drama along gender lines? We know that she’s a little nuts, but that’s super weird.

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Joe also called out Jennifer Aydin for referring to him as a "little bitch girl" for the same thing.

He referred to Jennifer as Tre’s "f–king friend," prompting an angry and outraged response from her.

“I didn’t say anything about you. I’m trying to apologize!” Jennifer fired back.

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Then, of course, Jennifer doubled down, echoing Teresa’s words — as is her nature.

“You’re the one who keeps saying s–t to me," she told Joe. "And a real man wouldn’t keep saying s–t to me."

Jennifer added: "I keep telling you I’m trying to apologize.”

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Joe then warned Teresa: “I’m going to call Louie a bitch boy when he comes out.”

Unconvincingly, she acted like that would be no big deal, quipping: “I love my bitch boy.”

Later, Tre tried to pretend that the intentional insult is “not a bad thing.”

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Joe was truly fed up, storming off of the Reunion stage after repeated verbal attacks from his own sister and her crony.

“As a matter of fact, I quit. I’m done. I quit. I don’t give a s–t,” he declared.

“I quit. Thank you very much, thank you Bravo," Joe added. "Listen, 12 years, I love you. I love you. I’m done."

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But Joe had much less gracious words for the titular Housewives.

"F–k you, people," Joe told the cast, especially Teresa.

“You know what?" he asked his sister. "Be a sister once in a while, you f–king moron.”