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New season.

New and shocking feud.

On Tuesday night, TLC kicked off a fresh run of Little People, Big World episodes by spotlighting the rather large riff that developed last year between Matt Roloff and his son, Zach.

The issue at stake?

Zach Roloff Looks Sullen

Zach wanting to purchase a stake of Roloff Farms, the property/business his dad has managed for the past three decades.

As previewed in a sneak peek that surfaced online a few days ago, Zach most definitely showed interest in buying parts of the farm from his dad and moving his immediate family there.

But he did so, according to Matt, in an inappropriate manner.

"He didn’t come in to negotiate. He came in to demand," Matt told the camera via confessional on the season premiere.

Matt Roloff Interview Pic

The father of four was clearly irritated by the way this son went about trying to buy the lot, which prompted the sort of angry reaction from Zach that we rarely see on air.

"Do you wanna make money off your own family? Or do you want this legacy you’ve preached about for 10 years?" Zach said in his own confessional, referring to his father and, apparently, his unexpected greed.

From Zach’s point of view, a certain 30 acres of the farm would have been ideal to raise his children on.

He said the following prior to welcoming his third child a few weeks ago with wife Tori.

Matt and Zach Roloff on Air

“Knowing we want to grow our family, and Jackson and Lilah are getting older, we want to be somewhere that we can see our family a long time and where we’re at right now is not that place,” Zach explained on the opening episode.

“I think the farm would be a great place for Jackson and Lilah to grow up."

The reality star went on, saying how the farm house is already dwarf-friendly… so it would be the perfect space for his family.

However, Zach addded that his twin sibling, Jeremy, had a conversation with Matt about purchasing the land — but it didn’t go well, so Zach knew talking with his dad wasn’t going to be easy.

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Still: It went worse than he thought it would go.

"Me and my dad talked a lot over the summer about what this would look like,” Matt said on air.

“My dad definitely was encouraging the conversation. So finally, me and my dad decided to make a meeting, so Caryn and Tori came as well to help the process along.

"But things did not go well. It was bad.”

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Back in 2020, Amy Roloff sold her segment of the land to Matt; and this was the segment Zach hoped to then buy for himself.

“The north side has my favorite parts of the farm, like Jackson and me really love playing in the forest, the creek area, the pond,” Zach said. “You know, that’s some of our favorite parts.”


“My dad’s starting point was not 30 acres, but 15, and then he cuts off the forest, our favorite part. The whole thing was weird. All of a sudden, he makes excuses and reasons why we’re not good enough to run the farm.”

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Zach went on to say he “offended” by Matt’s sudden change.

This premiere was filmed many months ago, but it’s clear things have only gotten more tense and bitter between father and son.

After Matt announced on Facebook late last week that he was selling 16 acres of the farm (for $4 million), he wrote the following on Instagram:

My twin boys decided not to consider working together toward a possible joint sale.

Both of them (along with their growing families) had moved on to other interests and investments…. and even tho a substantial family discount and a “gift of equity” was offered by both Amy and I ..they decided individually that the timing was not right for them to purchase a part of the farm at this time.

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Zach, in a stunning rebuke, fired back at his fathher. HARD.

Tagging his father in his response, Zach wrote as a Comment:

"This post is extremely misguided and false.

"My dad is manipulating the narrative right now before the season comes out."

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Wow, huh?

Concluded Zach, simply blasting his parent:

Once again like he has for most of his life not taking responsibility for his own actions and blaming others. Dragging the family drama that he created and then manipulate the fan base to make himself come out okay.

This post his a new shocking low of cowardice and manipulation of his family and kids for his own gain.