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It’s somewhat surprising that a tradition like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue continues to exist in 2022 — hell, we’re always taken aback by news that a legacy publication still mails out physical copies — but what’s not the least bit shocking is the annual controversy surrounding the cover art.

To their credit, the editors of SI have attempted to take the swimsuit issue in a more inclusive, body-positive direction, and apparently, some people are upset that this year’s choices didn’t perfectly reflect their own taste in wank material.

The 2022 issue features four different covers, two of which have attracted criticism that can only be described as downright bizarre.

First, Jordan Peterson body-shamed model Yumi Nu, who was upset about her cover photo for reasons he couldn’t quite articulate.

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He prattled on about the importance of maintaining beauty standards — which are and always have been subjective — but it sort of felt like he once got rejected by someone who looks like Yuma and is still salty about it.

Anyway, one of the other covers features none other than Kim Kardashian, arguably the most famous woman to ever be photographed for the swimsuit issue.

Now, Kim’s curves are the stuff of legend, so the horny aesthetes of Twitter should have been fine with her inclusion on the cover.

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But her selection might be even more controversial than Yuma’s.

Kim’s been subjected to the usual body-shaming that takes place pretty much every time a woman posts a photo online.

On top of that, there’s been some out-of-left field slut-shaming, with some of the critics arguing that Kim’s sex tape should prevent her from participating in the hallowed tradition that is the Sports Magazine’s Annual Spank Bank Compilation.

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And if you thought those were the only complaints, then you don’t know the internet outrage machine!

"Incredibly disappointed. In all that SI has done the past couple of years for women, empowerment, and body positivity I am disappointed to see Kim K on the cover especially after her recent controversy over the Marilyn dress and how she boasted about starving herself and dieting to try to fit the dress," one person commented on the magazine’s Instagram page.

"She doesn’t mirror body positivity and acceptance in the way SI has been over the past couple of years and it makes all of the efforts SI has taken and sets you back," this person added, according to Yahoo News.

Kim Kardashian... Blonde!

Yes, this person is still mad about Kim wearing the Marilyn Momroe dress to the Met Gala.

Granted, Kim boasting about her crash diet was not a great look, but surely she needn’t be banned for life from all magazine covers as punishment.

"I’ve never been so disappointed seeing Kim Kardashian on the cover," another complainer wrote.

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"There are so many women out there you could have [given] this opportunity. I thought you guys were different but this just shows money and plastic surgery is what is important."

"She’s the reason so many young women have body issues [because] she’s surgically enhanced everything," a third critic chimed in.

Obviously, concerns about body image issues and the ways in which they’re exacerbated by the media are legitimate.

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But it’s equally obvious that Kim is being unfairly targeted here by people who simply don’t like her.

"There’s so many points in her life where she could have just crawled under a rock and let the world pass her by and just live a comfortable life," SI editor-in-chief MJ Day said in Kim’s defense.

"But she continues to evolve herself and push on and prove everybody wrong who doesn’t want to allow her that permission to be more and do more, and inevitably, she’s doing more for all of us by doing that in ways. I applaud that with every ounce of my fiber."

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It’s important to bear in mind that in addition to her work as a reality star and model, Kim is a billionaire entrepreneur who’s working to become a lawyer.

There are worse role models for young people to look up to.

Kim’s not perfect, of course, but she’s never pretended to be — and that’s just one more reason that she’s someone to be admired.