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During the The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion special, Luis Ruelas finally answered long-asked questions.

That doesn’t mean that everyone was satisfied with his answers, or that he addressed everything.

On the long list of Luis’ red flags that Teresa did not want discussed was the accusation of domestic violence against an ex-wife.

Now, the details from the police report have been made available, and it almost sounds like Luis was playing word games at the Reunion.

Luis Ruelas in the Hot Seat
Photo via Bravo

Luis Ruelas was pretty specific at the Reunion when he insisted that he had never "hit" a past partner.

It would have been shocking if he had said anything else — non-abusers don’t confess to abuse unless coerced, while abusers often lie.

But the police report says that Luis pushed his former wife, Marisa DiMartino, into a metal pole during the oft-referenced dispute.

Teresa Giudice and Her Fiance
Photo via BRAVO

Page Six got a hold of the police report about the 2012 incident in Orangetown, New York.

At the home that they once shared with their two sons, the conflict began after Luis dropped off the children to be with their mother.

This is when, the report reads, "the two began to argue over finances."

Photo via Bravo

"The dispute became heated," the police report reads, "and culminated with [Ruelas] pushing [DiMartino] into a metal support pole in the garage."

Per the report, "this action took place in the presence of the couple’s son."

Authorites wrote: "[DiMartino] refused medical attention, and was adamant that she did not wish to sign a charge."

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Because of how our laws work, her refusal to press charges meant that Luis was not arrested.

There was a prior report during their marriage, describing a "verbal dispute" with Luis, who was her husband at the time (the marriage ended in 2010).

“[DiMartino] states they are going through a divorce," the police report read, "and [Ruelas] came to the house and got into an argument with her. [DiMartino] left residence.”

Luis Ruelas with Teresa
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It is unclear what prompted the verbal dispute to become a police report, but a trespassing complaint, precautionary call, or a concerned neighbor could have been the reason.

Additionally, Marisa accused Luis of calling her names in front of their children. This was during a June 2016 custody exchange.

“My ex husband came to pick up my son [at] approx 6:00," she described in the report. "He wanted to exchange words and I did not want to come to [the] door."

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“He continued ringing and banging on [the] door till I opened, scaring my other son, [redacted], upstairs," Marisa reported at the time.

“At drop off he shouted names in front of both children as he sped off with second son," she continued, "who he claims wants to live with him."

During the police report, Marisa described Luis as abusive, checking boxes indicating that he had verbalized death threats or used physical violence with her over the years.

Luis Ruelas and Teresa
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Luis has not directly responded to the newly revealed police report.

One insider did however claim that Luis and Marisa have a positive co-parenting relationship now.

Clearly, that was not always the case. It seems unlikely that Teresa is interested in hearing more.