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Teresa Giudice has been so mindlessly defensive of Luis Ruelas that she drove her own brother to quit.

Simply asking questions about her fiance is enough to set her off.

But Margaret isn’t the only one who is curious, and a lot of fans are unclear on what exactly has people so worried.

There are multiple red flags — some worse than others — in Luis’ history. Let’s take a look:

Luis Ruelas in the Hot Seat
Photo via Bravo

First up, there was Luis’ road rage incident — importantly, this was an incident that resulted in a guilty plea.

In August of 2018, he was charged with simple assault after a confrontation in Allendale, New Jersey.

A man named Jesse Palmieri stopped in the road to avoid hitting a squirrel.

Luis Ruelas and Girlfriend
Photo via Instagram

This is where it gets very New Jersey: Luis tried to pass Jesse from behind, at which point Jesse flipped his middle finger at Luis.

According to reports, Luis exited his vehicle and "charged" at Jesse’s driver’s side door, verbally arguing with Jesse until the latter tried to roll up his window.

Luis was charged with assault after allegedly striking Jesse on the head, knocking off his sunglasses.

Photo via Bravo

Luis ultimately only pleaded guilty to "disturbing the peace."

He paid a $325 fine … less than nothing for a millionaire who allegedly struck a man over a traffic dispute.

That story alone would be enough of a red flag for some to steer clear, but there is more.

Photo via Instagram

Most infamously, of course, are the allegations made by Luis’ exes.

In 2020, Vanessa Reiser filed a lawsuit against him, accusing her of locking her out of her apartment.

Later, she described, he love-bombed her — bombarding her with lavish gifts to manipulate her into staying in the toxic relationship.

Photo via Instagram

She accused Luis of setting up a business for her in his name, claiming that it was in her name.

His goal? In the lawsuit, she accused him of doing this to ruin her career, possibly out of a desire for revenge.

Vanessa also alleged that Luis tried to interfere with her friendships, isolating her from once-close social bonds.

Teresa Giudice and Her Fiance
Photo via BRAVO

Memorably, she described Luis as extremely sexually demanding, insisting that she be "available for sex" — like the wife in a cult — on demand.

If she was not, she described, he would "punish" her, being unkind, withdrawn, and blaming her.

As a positive outcome of this, she has gone on to become a licensed therapist who specializes in narcissistic abuse.

Photo via Instagram

Another ex, Paula Sanchez, described similar incidents of harsh demands for sex, interlaced with lovebombing episodes.

While that is less serious than when coupled with career sabotage, manipulative behaviors on that scale can make people

According to her, things were fine and well … until he left her, seemingly without warning, in 2018.

Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas Image
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Now, Margaret Jacobs did bring up an accusation on the show — a claim that Luis had physically abused a woman.

If it’s possible for any incident of domestic violence to be "worse" than another, this allegedly went down in front of the woman’s children.

Luis was even confronted about this on the show, but insisted that he had a "couple of very angry exes" who were "thirsty for attention."

Photo via Instagram

After something as harrowing as that, it almost feels petty to discuss the "Warrior Camp" video, but it’s worth noting.

The bizarre retreat, and a video from it, became a hot topic on the show, as Luis appeared shirtless on a beach. It was just … weird.

While "warrior" is kind of an odd name for anything that’s not a video game, sports team, or a book about cats, that one seems more innocuous than the others.