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Hannah Gosselin turned 18 years old on Tuesday.

In related news, we feel VERY, VERY, VERY old.

One of the sextuplets who sky-rocketed to fame on Jon & Kate Plus 8 — the reality show that introduced viewers to Jon and Kate Gosselin, along with their many marital isssues — Hannah celebrated this milestone with a pretty huge party.

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In photos captured by the paparazzi and posted by various outlets, Hannah drove a $400,000 Rolls-Royce through Miami’s South Beach to pay tribute to herself at the Sugar Factory.

"How often do you get to travel with your four best friends to Miami, party at the Sugar Factory, ride in a Rolls-Royce and start a brand new line of amazing products?" Hannah told Page Six.

"It was my type of heaven."

On the flip side, Hannah also spoke this week to Entertainment Tonight, at last delving into the basis for why she lives with her dad, Jon, and how life under her mother’s rooftop amounted to absolute Hell.

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"I chose to live with my dad, I feel like I just made the choice for myself. I have always been closer with my dad and we’ve always had a strong good relationship," Hannah told ET.

"It’s a lot, growing up in a very busy household with lots of kids.

"And there’s not really a one-on-one relationship, for attention, that you have with your parent.

"I felt like my dad gave me that attention and a feeling like I had a good solid relationship with a parent."

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As of August 2021, Hannah and her brother, Collin, have lived full-time with Jon Gosselin… while the other four of the sextuplets — Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden — live with Kate Gosselin.

Jon and Kate also share 21-year-old twins, Cara and Madelyn, who are away at college.

The former spouses split well over a decade ago, yet have continued to endlessly feud through the press and social media.

Jon, most notably, has been vocal in his criticism of his ex-wife.

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"[Hannah] feels a little bit slighted from what things have transpired,” Jon told Dr. Oz in November, adding during a talk show appearance:

“I know she misses Leah and Alexis. She’s been snubbed by her brothers, so I don’t know what’s going on with that."

Does Hannah miss her mom, though?

"No, I know that," Jon said on air.

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About a year before this interview, Jon was accused of assaulting Collin, a charge he strongly denied.

Hannah backed up her dad’s version of events back then (stating that Jon was simply restraining her brother, who was suffering from a mental breakdown), although Kate told People Magazine in response:

"I am done hiding and will say this unequivocally: Jon is a violent and abusive person

"I don’t want my children around him. Enough is enough."

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Hannah, meanwhile, hasn’t really talked about her mother since packing up to live with her father.

"It was a difficult decision leaving my siblings I did not want to be separated from them or even, like, live in a different household than them," Hannah explained this week to ET.

"But I just feel like there was unfair treatment in my mom’s house and I just wanted to live with my dad."

She didn’t elaborate in the interview.

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According to Hannah, though, she still keeps in touch with her mom, and says she’s "pretty sure she’s doing okay."

"I mean, we don’t really speak on a basis of, like, ‘Oh, how’s your life going?’ It’s more like day-to-day, ‘Oh how’s your day?’ But I’m pretty sure she’s doing well," Hannah said.

"And I’m sure my siblings are doing well too."

Did Kate contact her daughter on her 18th birthday?

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"She just, you know, wished me a happy birthday," Hannah told ET.

You know, told me she loved me and it was great, an average birthday tex."

An average birthday text.

Seems to sum up the relationship fairly well, doesn’t it?