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At this point, it’s become very clear and very troubling:

Anna Duggar isn’t going anywhere.

Despite her husband having cheated on her… and despite her husband having been convicted of child sex abuse in December… multiple reports have indicated that Anna isn’t planning to divorce Josh Duggar.

According to various reports, she even thinks Josh is innocent. Yes, still.

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In response to Anna’s decision, along with her remaining belief in her husband, Amy Duggar has finally had enough.

The niece of Jim Bob Duggar, Amy hasn’t been close to her famous relatives in years — but she rarely talked in public about them and/or never really had a cross word to say about the Duggars.

But then Josh got arrested for downloading sexually graphic photos and videos of children under 12 years old.

And then he was found guilty of these crimes, and Amy hasn’t been able to remain silent in the wake of this horrifying scandal.

Josh Duggar's Post-Conviction Mug Shot

Just a few days ago, Anna told social media followers that she hated even thinking about her cousin’s heinous actions, adding that she hopes he goes to jail for 20-plus years.

Now, however?

Amy has shifted her focus to Josh’s wife.

She’s simply appalled by Anna’s entire mindset these days.

Amy Duggar on the Gram

“So, I don’t know who needs this reminder today,” the 35-year old wrote to open a series of TikToks on Saturday, May 14.

“If a man is cheating on you, if he is looking at things that you’re not aware of or that you’re not comfortable with, if he is lying to you in any type of way and making you feel inferior or hushing you up… he’s using you.

"He doesn’t truly love you.

"I know that’s hard to hear but stop letting him treat you like a dog. You can not allow that. You can stop the abuse at any time.”

Amy Duggar in a See-Through Top

Back in 2015, Josh confessed to cheating on Anna with multiple women he met on an adultery-themed website called Ashley Madison.

Anna subsequently forgave her spouse, however, and even gave birth to a three more of of his children in the years since.

On social media, Amy proceeded to address her in-law directly.

“Anna, I love you. I have loved you since day one you’ve entered into our family," she wrote, continuing as follows:

"But let me tell you something, you are showing women all over the world that follow you, that it is okay to have an abuser in your home, around your beautiful children.

“You’re showing everyone that it is OK to cheat, it’s OK to use me as a rag doll.

"It’s OK… have more respect self-respect than that. Ashley Madison? HELLO."

Hello, indeed. Everyone knows Anna needs to say goodbye to Josh as soon as humanly possible.

"It breaks my heart that he did that to you," Amy went on, talking to Anna.

"It breaks my heart that you’re sitting there allowing your kids to want ‘daddy home.’

"The ‘daddy’ is not safe, he’s not a safe person. He deserves to be locked up.

"He deserves to be away from your kids, and you deserve better."

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar

Amy concluded by saying that Anna is sticking around in a relationship that is a "sham" and it’s incredibly "sad."

She also called out the family’s Institute Basic Life Principles ministry as "A CULT."

Last week, the public was alerted to a letter Anna Duggar wrote to a judge back on March 7, 2022.

She did so in an attempt to limit Josh’s impending sentencing to just a few years behind federal bars.

Josh and Anna Throwback

Writing to the court over the course of one and a half single-spaced pages, Anna details everything in this note; from when the couple met … to the early years of their marriage … to Duggar’s recent efforts to help support a widowed family friend.

Joshua sees the best in people and is willing to walk alongside them to help make their dreams a reality,” she wrote.

“I ask that you consider reuniting us as a family again soon.”