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It’s been five months since Josh Duggar was convicted on child pornography charges.

These days, Josh is still awaiting sentencing, and his legal team is hard at work preparing his appeal.

But in all likelihood, it’ll be at least a decade before the disgraced reality star is released from prison.

Of course, he’s not the only one whose future is uncertain but decidedly bleak …

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Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar, gave birth to her seventh child just weeks before he was convicted.

Now, she’s tasked with supporting her family on her own, with no formal education and no real-world job experience.

There have been rumors of Anna divorcing Josh in response to his latest sex scandal, but according to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, the mother of seven has no intention of ending her marriage.

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“Anna is a shell of a woman at the moment, but she is choosing to stay with Josh. They will not be getting a divorce," one insider tells the outlet.

“She will visit him when she’s allowed, as she still firmly believes he’s innocent and it was all a set-up."

Yes, Anna apparently remains firm in her conviction that Josh was framed by members of the Biden administration.

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Sources have indicated that she believes her husband would still be a free man if Donald Trump had been re-elected.

As for Anna’s financial situation, insiders say she will continue to enjoy the support of her in-laws — as long as she stays married to Josh, of course.

“Anna is still living at the compound on the Duggar’s land near the main family home and has no plans to move at this time," a source tells The Sun.

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“Jim Bob and Michelle don’t believe in divorce at all. So because of that they have told friends that they will financially support Anna and the kids."

The Duggars rightly believe that Anna would have a hard time feeding her family without their support — but they’ll still withdraw that support if she divorces their son.

"They said Anna has no vocation, has never worked and has no means to support herself and the kids," says the insider.

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"Some of Jim Bob’s friends were pretty appalled that he wouldn’t encourage Anna to divorce Josh, or at least tell her that she didn’t have to stay," the source continues.

"It sends a bad message to the kids."

Josh’s sentencing hearing has been postponed until May 25 at the request of his attorneys.

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The judge will decide not only the length of Josh’s sentence but also the location where he’ll serve his time.

Since Josh was convicted in federal court, he could technically be sent anywhere in the country, but the judge will likely keep him close to home for the sake of his children.

For her part, Anna has called Josh more than 100 times since he was imprisoned in December of last year, and insiders say she visits her disgraced husband every chance she gets.

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Anna and her children will presumably live on the Duggar family’s property for the entirety of Josh’s sentence.

There, Anna will receive financial support from Jim Bob and childcare assistance from Michelle and Jana.

Of course, all of that aid will disappear in an instant if she even talks about leaving Josh, so you can rest assure that she’ll be dutifully waiting for her husband whenever he gets released.