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In the six months since Josh Duggar was convicted on child pornography charges, his family has come no closer to accepting the fact that he’s a predatory monster who deserves to be locked up for a very, very long time.

If anything, it seems that Josh’s loved ones are more convinced of his innocence than ever before.

We have new evidence of the Duggars’ delusion this week, thanks to letters that the family submitted to the court ahead of Josh’s sentencing hearing, which is scheduled for May 25.

One of the most shockingly out-of-touch appeals comes to us from none other than Josh’s mother.

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In a lengthy letter to the judge, Michelle Duggar wrote that she hopes "a fair and just sentence is determined."

(We feel the same way, but our definition of "fair and just" is probably very different from Michelle’s.)

"Joshua has a tender heart and he is compassionate toward others," the Duggar matriarch wrote.

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"If someone is having a difficult time, he is one of the first to encourage or try to help them in a tangible way. He and his wife and children have helped many others by doing cleaning and repair projects and lending a helping hand."

From there, Michelle continued to completely miss the point, making no mention of Josh’s crimes and instead boasting about how good he is with money.

"Joshua has always been a positive and upbeat person," she wrote.

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"He is wise financially — saving money for the future and purposing not to go into debt. He is a good provider for his family, working diligently and thinking of creative ways to support and take care of his wife and children. He is also generous and shares his resources with others in need."

Yes, the Duggars teach their kids that debt is some sort of trick that the devil plays on sinful people.

During all those lessons about credit scores, they probably should’ve paused here and there to remind their kids not to become sexual predators.

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Michelle went on to inform the judge that Josh is an "organized and diligent individual" who "has set a good example of applying himself eagerly to his work and in many other responsibilities that he carries as a husband and father."

She says that Josh and his seven kids "have built forts, learned how to work on bicycles and other vehicles, gone camping, hiked, fished, and played countless games and sports — together!"

Yes, the Duggars don’t seem to grasp the severity of Josh’s crimes.

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Either that, or they’re still in denial about the fact that he committed said crimes, which he 100 percent did.

Michelle, of course, was not alone in her efforts to convince the judge that Josh is just a misunderstood guy.

Anna Duggar also wrote a letter on the predator’s behalf, and she’s just as delusional as her mother-in-law.

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“Joshua sees the best in people and is willing to walk alongside them to help make their dreams a reality,” she wrote.

“I ask that you consider reuniting us as a family again soon.”

So yeah, if you were one of the people who would were hoping that there was some truth to the rumors that Anna is finally considering divorcing Josh, well then we hate to be the ones to disappoint you.

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An insider tells In Touch that Anna is disappointed in Josh, but has every intention of sticking by his side.

“Anna’s put up with a lot with Josh, but she truly believes in him, her faith and redemption. She thought he would turn his life around, that’s a core belief she shares with the Duggars and her religion,” the source says.

“Ultimately, Josh failed her. He completely turned her life and that of their children’s lived upside down. But she’s not ready to walk away.”

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Yes, it seems that Anna was a little bummed to learn that she married one of the worst people on the planet, but she’s not gonna let a little thing like that interfere with an otherwise solid fundie marriage.

“Amazingly, she hasn’t thrown in the towel, not yet anyway,” the source adds.

“Anna is not a quitter, she never wanted to give up on Josh, but she’s been tested to the limit.”

We hope the news that Josh is still surrounded by naive enablers will convince the judge to give him an even longer sentence.